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Quotacy offers life insurance transparently and directly. You can get free life insurance quotes and the application takes just a few minutes. You can filter your insurance options however you need, so you can get a customized policy that meets your exact needs.

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Getting life insurance coverage is an important decision and choosing the right one can be an exhaustive procedure. Not only does a life insurance policy impact your financial health, but it also affects your dependents who are beneficiaries.

The search for the perfect policy that fits your needs and ultimately proves to be a safety net for your family can be quite a daunting task. But that is where Quotacy comes to the aide. The platform seeks to ease the process of finding the perfect policy for you. In an increasingly money-minded world, their service is free to use.

The article below provides a detailed review of Quotacy.

What is Quotacy?

Quotacy is a platform that allows you to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. They’ll help you get the right amount of coverage you require, give information on different policy options, and additional add-on options.

A point to be made is that Quotacy does not provide life insurance. Instead, it acts as a platform to match you with the perfect policy of your choice.

Quotacy works with you through the entire purchase process. To make sure you get the best deal, they provide quotes from numerous insurance companies. Some of these companies are:

  • AIG
  • Protective
  • SBLI
  • William Penn
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Protective
  • AXA
  • Banner Life

The platform is not just limited to providing insurance quotes; they also offer tools you can use to find out exactly what you and your loved one needs.

Quotacy allows you to determine the amount of insurance coverage need, provide information on different policies, and allows you to look for prices for different providers.

How does Quotacy work?

The first step begins when you land on the Quotacy comparison page. The page will ask you some necessary information such as area code, birth date, and general health issues such as whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker.

After providing this information, you can choose the value of the policy you want and the duration. After this step, you’re shown the estimated minimum monthly premiums you would have to pay.

Once you choose the option to compare policies, you’re asked basic questions relating to height and weight. This is necessary to provide the most accurate approximation for different types of insurers. A list of insurance providers is then listed, along with their monthly premiums.

After choosing a specific policy, you will be directed to sign up to complete the insurance application. After the details are complete, Quotacy will review your application and might make suggestions based on your information. These are just suggestions that Quotacy thinks are compatible with the policy of your interest. However, the final decision lies with you. Traditional life insurance policies will also ask for a medical examination.

Key features

One of the key takeaways from Quotacy is their coverage calculator. This feature allows you to get an estimate of the coverage required by you. It’s calculated based on your family’s expenses and the time duration you want the insurance to cover them after your departure.

The platform also has an advice section which gives useful information about different policies such as term versus whole life coverage. They also have a rating section when comparing prices. This section allows you to get a detailed description of each policy and even provides you the insurance company’s overall ranking and company history.

The platform gets a lot of praise for its ease of accessibility and speed of acquiring quotes. Without the provision of personal details such as telephone number or email address, you can get quotes from the top insurance providers in the country.


Quotacy prides itself on being a free-to-use platform. You will not be required to pay anything to use the platforms’ features, comparing quotes and policy or even when buying a specific policy.

You might be wondering what the platform might be paid to promote specific policy types over others. But Quotacy has solved this dilemma by stating that their sales team is paid by salary and not commission. This implies that they get paid whether you purchase one policy or another. It will make no difference if you bought it from the platform or not. This gives users ease of mind about not being forced into purchasing an unsuitable policy from an overly enthusiastic salesperson hunting for commissions.

The sign up process

Quotacy is a reasonably accessible website. Unlike most other platforms, it does not require a signup to use its key features like getting quotes, calculating coverage or learning about different policies.

When you have finally picked a policy and are ready to go ahead with its purchase, singing up through Quotacy can be easy. By clicking the ‘choose’ option on the quotes page, you’re directed to the sign-up page. You will have to provide an email address, a Facebook login or Google account that links you to Quotacy.

After the creation of your account, the Quotacy team will be contacting you to guide you through the process.


It’s expected that in choosing the optimal insurance policy, you will be asked many personal questions. You might be concerned about privacy and rightly so.

According to Quotacy, they share no personal information such as email address or other contact information with third parties. You can use the platform peacefully without worrying about being bothered by overly enthusiastic agents.

Mobile accessibility

With smartphones being ubiquitous, Quotacy has optimized its platform for mobile phone browsers. If an individual wishes to access their website from a phone or tablet, they can do so with no hindrances or glitches.

All the features available to computer users are also available for mobile device users.

Customer support

Choosing, selecting and then finally buying an insurance policy make for a daunting process. Quotacy also recognizes it as such and therefore tries to ensure that all your queries are answered.

You can reach customer representatives through phone, email, and even text.

Pros & Cons


  • It's fast — It works like a fast search engine for price quotes. Insurance quotes from top rated companies are presented to you for comparison in under a minute.
  • User-friendly tools — The platform provides easy tools that anyone can use. You do not have to be tech savvy at all to take full advantage of their features. Their coverage needs are calculated based on family expenses, total outstanding debt, and intended coverage duration.
  • It's loaded with the right information — Anyone who has ever gone insurance shopping before understands the complications in trying to understand the advantages and drawbacks of each type of policy. The platform has articles and information that can be a useful guide for first timers and seasoned hunters.
  • Free to use and no signup — Quotacy does not charge a single dime for utilizing their platform. From the start of the process right up till the purchase of a policy, they take no fee. They don’t require you to have or create an account until and unless you're buying a policy.
  • Excellent team — Reviews regarding Quotacy have expressed outstanding reviews about their customer service and identified it as one of the main reasons they will keep on using the platform. Representatives are easily accessible through all modes of communication.
  • Customizable policy options — The platform’s user interface can be easily adjusted as per your needs. It lets you enter specific details regarding health and coverage to find the best policy and the best price.
  • No sales pressure to purchase a policy — Insurance agents use underhanded pressure tactics to persuade you into buying a policy that might not even suit you. With Quotacy, you don’t have to worry about that as their staff is rewarded with a salary and does not collect commissions.


  • Can’t get a quote online for permanent life insurance — Term life insurance packages and comparisons are all listed online. If you're seeking pricing and option details for permanent life insurance, you must get on a call with their customer representative.
  • Not all insurance providers are listed — Quotacy does boast an impressive list of insurance providers, but the list is not comprehensive. If you have a specific company in mind to compare prices with, the platform may not be of much use to you.

Alternatives to Quotacy

 QuotacyPolicygenius LifeQuotes.comLadder Life InsuranceQuilt
Insurance OfferedAggregatorAggregatorLife insurance quotes ranging from 5 to 40Term life insurance for 20 to 60-year-oldsLife, renting, pet, and vacation insurance
Cost Free applicationFree applicationFree application, view sample rates here. Varies by planFree application
Special Features- Great customer service--reach them by email, phone, or text
- Educational tools
- No up-sells
Insurance Checkup toolHelpful calculator that helps you find the best policy suited for your needs- Price lock guarantee
- Change your policy whenever you want
Focused on millennials

While Quotacy does boast an impressive platform with all the right features and the top companies, look at other options before deciding.


With great reviews and an excellent rating, Policygenius is a good alternative platform for people seeking insurance policy. Their searching is slightly slower as compared to Quotacy, but the results are compelling.

The site boasts an additional feature called the Insurance Checkup tool, which helps people in determining the best policy according to their needs. However, to use the tool, you must give your email address.


LifeQuotes claims to provide quotes from 50 different insurance providers. The company offers life insurance quotes ranging from 5 to 40 years and lifetime policies. The platform also boasts a helpful calculator that helps you find the best policy suited for your needs and information on the return of premium.

The platform is relatively simple to use and also can sort through plans. Clicking on the plans will provide further details regarding the insurance company, it’s rating, policy details, and acceptance guidelines.

Ladder Life Insurance

Ladder Life Insurance focuses on algorithms to deliver the best policy suited for your individual needs. The platform offers coverage to high amounts as well ranging from $100,000 to $8,000,000. The platform also provides the ability to change your coverage through their platform as per your changing needs, like children taking over the household expenses after growing up.

Ladder Insurance has its drawbacks though. There customer service hours are limited, and they don’t offer insurance to anyone outside of the age bracket of 20 to 60-year-olds. They also have a limited presence and do not cover all states.


A more recent platform geared towards the millennial generation, Quilt is a hassle-free website offering life, renting, pet, and vacation insurance.

The website claims to be a 100% online marketplace for a wide variety of insurance. However, their products vary from area to area, and not all products are available everywhere. They only offer two coverage options, $100K and $250K, and nothing beyond that.

Who is Quotacy for?

Life insurance is one of the necessities of life and is a homogenous requirement for everyone. Your insurance policy might differ from those around you. However, everyone requires some coverage.

Finding the right policy at the best price though is a hassle that everyone shares and that is where Quotacy comes in.

Quotacy is a one-stop shop mall that brings together insurance companies and buyers. By just providing a few short answers, you get a quote in a matter of seconds. If you like a particular policy, Quotacy will facilitate the whole process from start to finish.

People tired of entering their personal information on random websites hoping to get a quote have to look no further than Quotacy. Even though Quotacy might not provide a complete list of insurance providers, it’s still worth the visit.


Quotacy is enhancing the experience of life insurance in all aspects. Their platform offers life insurance transparently and directly. Coupled with their strict privacy guidelines and excellent customer representative service, it makes the experience less tedious. The final result is a life insurance shopping trip made easy and almost fun even.

For first-time buyers who are not even sure of what they are looking for, Quotacy streamlines the process and provides a natural understanding of which options are best for you.

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