Roofstock is known for offering rental properties with tenants already built-in. But Roofstock can also help you sell your property. Here's how.

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Investing in real estate can help you build towards your financial goals. But as you build your overall investment strategy, you may decide to let go of a particular house or two along the way.

Or you might decide to dive into the flipping cycle which means you’ll likely sell a lot of rental houses throughout your journey. 

That’s where Roofstock can jump in to help! You’ll find a company that is ready to help you handle this big transaction and save you money at the same time. 

Today I’ll shine a light on how Roofstock can help you sell your rental property while saving you money and time. 

What is Roofstock?

Roofstock is a platform through which sellers can list investment properties. The company has a focus on listing single-family homes that already have tenants in place, but note that not all listings are tenant-inhabited homes.

You can use Roofstock to tap into a pool of buyers interested in your single-family home rental. By putting your listing in front of interested buyers, you might find more offers come in quickly. 

How to sell your rental property with Roofstock

Here’s how to sell your rental property with Roofstock:

Submit your listing

When you are ready to sell your rental property, you’ll need to answer a series of questions about it. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you should also include some pictures to showcase the property to potential buyers. 

Roofstock will give you a free price estimate based on the information you provide, but you’ll be able to choose the final list price on your own. 

Right now, you can submit listings in over 70 markets in 24 states. If your property is not in a market currently offered by Roofstock, don’t worry! The company is expanding rapidly and will likely reach your area soon. 

Roofstock assists with listing

Roofstock will assist by collecting critical documents, securing a preliminary title report, and providing an up-to-date pricing analysis.

All of these steps are taken to ensure a smooth experience for buyers and sellers. With the information collected, the listing will be as accurate as possible.

You won’t have to deal with any disruptions to your tenants (if you have any), staging headaches, or other costs that you normally would encounter when preparing a property for listing. 

Roofstock creates an attractive listing for you that encompasses all of the information available for the property. 

With clear information, you’ll likely only receive offers from seriously interested buyers. 

Wait for offers

Once the listing has launched, you will need to wait for bids to come in. When you decide on the winning bid, the transaction will be completed online. Typically, it will take 30-45 days to close on the property once you sign the purchase and sale agreement. 

Keep in mind that it is completely free to launch your listing. However, there is a 3% commission fee or $2,500, whichever is greater. With that, you can entertain offers for free and only move forward with a payment if Roofstock finds the right buyer for you. 

Why you should use Roofstock to sell your rental property

Roofstock can ease the burden of stress that usually comes with selling your rental property. Here are the top reasons why you should choose to work with this helpful service. 

Low cost

As a real estate investor, you are likely hoping to obtain the most profit you possibly can from this deal. After all, you got into real estate investing to make money – not let an opportunity pass you up!

When you work with Roofstock, the fees you will pay are competitive and transparent. Roofstock only charges 3% or $2,500, whichever is greater.

With that, you could save thousands of dollars in a single transaction. This reduced cost doesn’t even take the other savings you will encounter into account. With Roofstock, you won’t have to put more money into the property to prepare it for sale or miss out on lost rental income. 

It is clear to see how these savings can add up quickly. 

Ability to keep your tenants in place

As a property owner with good tenants in place, you may not want to force them out. This is especially true if these tenants would likely be a great selling point for the property. But in many traditional real estate deals, you will feel the pressure to move your tenants out and make small updates to the property before the sale. 

With Roofstock, you won’t have to go through the hassle or expense of moving out your tenants. Instead, there are plenty of buyers on Roofstock that are more interested in your property because you have tenants in place! Many buyers on Roofstock are looking for an income opportunity that is already set up. 

Roofstock allows you the opportunity to turn your tenants into a notable feature of your property instead of a headache that needs to be resolved. 

Efficient process

Once you submit your information, Roofstock will help you launch your listing quickly.

Once you accept a deal, you’ll likely close within 30-45 days. That’s a great timeline for any investor hoping to be done with this property quickly. 

Minimal paperwork on your end

No one likely paperwork. But in most real estate transactions, you’ll be inundated with a stack of seemingly never-ending paperwork. Luckily, that’s not the case with Roofstock. 

Roofstock takes care of the busywork involved in your rental property’s sale. With that, you can spend less time on the sale and more time looking for your next great investment. 


If you are considering selling your rental property, then Roofstock should be at the top of your mind. The platform provides a streamlined service to help you sell your property with minimal stress and maximum profits. 

As the #1 marketplace for buying and selling investment properties, you can stand to gain a lot by working with Roofstock. Since it is absolutely free to list your property with Roofstock, why not choose to work with this superior service?

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