Sometimes, all you want from a side hustle is a flexible schedule and lot of money. Here are eight side hustles that make the most money.

There are hundreds of different side hustle options for every kind of person on any kind of schedule. From working parents that need work-from-home gigs to 20-somethings that need a little extra cash for their going out fund (or, more responsibly, their emergency fund).

But sometimes, if you’ve got a fairly flexible schedule, you’re just looking for the job that makes you the most money.

So, what are the side hustles that make the most money? Here’s eight ideas.

Sign-language interpreter

Sign-language interpreters can make around $18.85 per hour. That’s great for a part-time gig! Most public events today want to be inclusive and are looking for someone to sign. Or libraries look for translators at book readings. Even the DMV needs signers. Often, these aren’t full-time positions, rather, they’re on-call or limited hour positions.

If you want to make even more, you can get a professional certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). This can increase hourly wages to as much as $30 to $35 per hour.


Small businesses, doctor’s offices, and those who work from home often look for part-time freelance bookkeepers.

You don’t even need a CPA to become a bookkeeper. As long as you have good computer, math, and customer service skills, you have the tools to become a bookkeeper.

At most, bookkeepers can earn $60 an hour! But on average, a bookkeeper makes a little over $20 an hour.

Pizza delivery person

Okay, being a pizza delivery driver isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but if you work night shifts, you can make decent money and you get tips!

While the job itself doesn’t usually pay much over minimum wage, if you live in a city, you can make big bucks. Those midnight to two a.m. shifts at Domino’s sure do bring in a lot of customers.

Personal trainer

Since most people work traditional nine to five jobs (and you probably do too), a side hustle as a personal trainer is a great idea (if you’ve got the skills to do so, of course).

When you first start out, you’ll probably be working in a gym. It’ll take time to build up a cliental. When working in or for a gym, the pay can range from $8 to $15/hour depending on your gym.

This guide will tell you how much you can earn on average in each state and at popular gyms.

Eventually, when you build up a larger list of clients and can potentially move away from the gym and into the private sector, you’ll be able to set your own rates.


Since bartenders typically work at night, this could be the perfect side hustle for someone who has a typical nine to five or early morning job.

Much like the pizza delivery person, you’ll be mostly reliant on tips. Depending on which state you live in, it may not be required that bartenders get paid minimum wage. Rather, their wages are similar to waiters.

Bartender salaries vary greatly depending on the type of bar and the type of customers, but you could likely make $100-$500 or more a night.


Everyone loves food. So most business that revolve around making, delivering, or selling food are bound to make a decent amount of money.

Catering comes in many forms. You can work for a company and do set-up events, you could own or work on a food truck (which are becoming more and more popular), or you can work for someone who sells baked good and other foods from their home shop. The sky really is the limit.

The great thing about catering is, you can work events only (which usually means weekends). Depending on how busy the company is determines how much you’ll make, but it’s a great casual job.

You can make between $10-$20 an hour.

Massage therapist

Massage therapists can make $37,180 a year (or an average of $20 per hour if you’re only considering part-time). However, the catch is, you’ll likely have to get a license. The more specialized you get, the more you can charge.

This, of course, varies from state to state. Cities have more people and tend to have a higher demand for massage therapists over rural areas.

Virtual assistant

The average virtual assistant can make almost $16 an hour. Many virtual assistants are part time and schedules vary based on the person you’re working for.

All you need is access to a computer, a good work-ethic, and the ability to use the phone (a hard task for phone-fearing millennials).

Here’s a few different types of virtual assistants (and which ones make the most money).


Whether you’re looking for an easy job or one that utilizes one of your particular skills, there are side hustles that can make you more than low paying one-time gigs.

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