TikTok is filled with helpful financial advice, from budgeting to investing to getting the best deals, these financial experts can help make managing your money fun. Finally!

Learning how to manage your money is a huge part of “adulting,” but it’s not something most of us were taught in school. Luckily, TikTok is here to bring you up to speed.

If you’ve been sleeping on TikTok like I have, let me fill you in. There’s an entire subgenre of TikTok dedicated to nothing but financial education content (sometimes referred to as “FinTok” or “MoneyTok”).

In fact, you may even see Money Under 30 come across your FYP. If you haven’t, check out our TikTok here.

And let me tell you, these TikTok influencers are cranking out some amazing content – and they’re doing it in a way that’s super fun and easy to understand.

Humphrey Yang – @humphreytalks

  • TikTok stats: 2.6 million followers; 38.3 million likes.

Humphrey Yang is an ex-Wall Street guy turned personal finance guru. And let me tell you, his ability to break down super complex financial topics into tiny digestible chunks will blow your freaking mind. The guy is gifted.

Some of his most popular videos include why Hydroflasks are so expensive, how much money you need to afford a Tesla, and this video on money-saving hacks, which has over 15 million views:

@humphreytalks Money Hacks Pt. 2 💵 Inspired by @onlyjayus! #personalfinance #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Humphrey’s favorite thing about TikTok is using the time constraints to explain tough financial concepts in a way that anyone can understand.

“That’s the focus of my channel – on Tik Tok, YouTube, wherever. I want to deliver the best content in the most digestible way possible – because finance is hard enough as it is!”

Tori Dunlap: – @herfirst100k

  • TikTok stats: 1.7 million followers; 14.2 million likes.

Tori Dunlap from HerFirst100k is the mere essence of what it means to embody financial feminism. She’s bold, outspoken, and her platform is all about helping women “fight the patriarchy by getting rich.”

Her most popular video has over six million views and talks about how she busted through investing myths and is now set to have over $6 million by the time she retires:

@herfirst100k Take my free money personality quiz in my bio #jobinterview #manifestit #moneytoks #passiveincome #budgeting #savemoney #studentloans #debt #debtfree ♬ NEW GAME – Nitro Fun

Milan Singh – @milansinghhh

  • TikTok stats: 1.6 million followers; 18.8 million likes.

Milan Sign’s TikTok channel is chock full of some really great money-saving hacks – from how to negotiate your internet bill to how you can save money with Adidas’ replacement policy:

@milansinghhh Adidas policy 👌🏼 #finance #adidas #shoes #fitness #learnontiktok #free #money #save ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

According to Milan, he stumbled into the TikTok finance space, but has since fully embraced it.

“I initially started posting on TikTok just for fun about my career journey but after my skits started to go viral, I shifted my focus to informative finance videos… I love that I get to help people in their financial journey.”

John Eringman – @johnefinance

  • TikTok stats: 1.2 million followers; 18.1 million likes.

John Eringman is all about helping his followers achieve financial independence. His videos are insightful, entertaining, and brimming with insightful financial advice for Gen Z and young adults.

Like this one that talks about how to boost your credit score at age 18:

@johnefinance An Easy Way to #buildcredit #creditscore #creditcard #creditcards #newcar ♬ Classical Music – Classical Music

Or this one that talks about how to pick the best stocks:

@johnefinance I like all the stocks. #personalfinance #somethingyoulearned #stocks #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Johnefinance 🔥 FIRE Movement

For anyone looking to start their own TikTok channel, John gives this advice:

“Posting content is a lot like investing. The best time to start was 20 years ago. The second best time to start is today. And there’s no better platform to share your story than on Tiktok. In fact, my only regret from Tiktok is not starting sooner!”

Taylor Price – @pricelesstay

  • TikTok stats: 1.1 million followers; 19.6 million likes

21-year-old Taylor Price believes “personal finance shouldn’t be daunting, hard to understand and geared towards accountant geniuses only,” which is why she keeps things real on her TikTok channel.

“My mission is to make young people feel comfortable, confident, and in-connection with their money – because there’s nothing more powerful than feeling financially secure, savvy, and successful.”

If you’re a teen or early twentysomething, Taylor has a ton of tips for you – like this eight-part series on side hustles for teens…

@pricelesstay I be like ✍️👁👄👁✍️ #tapintuit #sidehustle #money #PajamaJam #invest ♬ Mirror Masa (I Think I’m Fallin’ for Ya) – Dathan

…or this roadmap for how Gen Zs can retire a millionaire:

@pricelesstay watch all the way through it’s insane 💡 #duet with @austinhankwitz #tapintuit #MakeMomSmile #viral #trend #trending #foodfam #gotthisforyou #money ♬ original sound – Austin Hankwitz

John Liang — @johnsfinancetips

  • TikTok stats: 777.4k followers; 7.7 million likes

John Liang is passionate about giving you all of life’s “personal finance cheat codes” so you can build wealth and save money. He became interested in personal finance after discovering his own “cheat code” of sorts: 

“My passion for personal finance started in college where I first discovered the power of a 0% intro APR credit card. That interest in credit cards eventually allowed me an opportunity to fly a $20,000 first class flight paying less than $57. Along the way I learned A LOT about credit and credit cards and this eventually spilled over into personal finance more broadly.”

Three of John’s most popular TikTok videos are about diamond ring hacks, so give ‘em a watch if you’re thinking about popping the question to your significant other. This video in particular shows you how to save 15% to 40% on a diamond ring: 

@johnsfinancetips The diamond hack you NEED to know about #diamonds #money #financetok #learnontiktok ♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

Sara Rosalia – @sarafinance

  • TikTok stats: 707.7k followers; 13 million likes.

Sara Rosalia is a 19-year-old Canadian business owner who makes over $84k a month using 10 different income streams. Her TikTok platform is all about helping other Gen Z women build wealth through entrepreneurship and investing and it’s honestly amazing.

“Learning about finance can be intimidating. I started my TikTok account to show Gen Z that if a young female can do it, so can they!”

One thing I love about Sara’s TikTok is how open she is about how much money she makes as an entrepreneur. For instance, one of her most popular videos talks about how she’s made over $47,000 on YouTube:

@sarafinance Reply to @littlebiscuitlol ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Another one of her popular videos talks about how Gen Z and younger Millennials can save money through house hacking:

@sarafinance House hacking🤑🏘 #savemoney #lifehack #money #moneytips #realestate #househacking #trading #fypツ #mycrib #keepingactive #sidehustle #smart #garyvee ♬ Devil Eyes – Hippie Sabotage

Nick Meyer – @nicktalksmoney

  • TikTok stats: 666.2 million followers; 4.7 million likes.

Nick Meyer is a Certified Financial Planner™, EA, and professional tax advisor who’s all about making financial education fun. His TikTok videos are goofy and approachable, and often include props you wouldn’t see in traditional financial education videos.

Just check out this video on the #1 reason you’re financially struggling to see what I mean:

@nicktalksmoney What happens when you don’t follow nicktalksmoney😉 IB: @marktilbury #money #moneytok #personalfinance ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Or this video that explains how Starbucks tricks you into spending more money:

@nicktalksmoney 3 Ways Starbucks tricks you into spending more #money 💰☕️ #coffee #moneytok #learnontiktok ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

If there’s anyone who’s qualified to teach personal finance on TikTok, it’s Nick. But if you’re like me, you may be wondering how a professional advisor wandered onto a social media platform geared toward young adults. Here’s what Nick told me:

“On a personal level, my day job as a financial and tax advisor was getting pretty stale and I needed a creative outlet. I was a YouTube partner back in high school, and I looked back on those days as some of the best times I ever had while ‘working,’ so I knew I wanted to get back to creating content. Fast-forward to 2020, and TikTok was taking the world by storm. I started posting videos (which were VERY BAD at first) and the rest is history!”

Michela Allocca — @breakyourbudget

  • TikTok stats: 637.8k followers; 3.7 million likes

Michela Allocca has always been fascinated by finance and money, so much so that it’s what she studied in college and pursued as a career. 

“Because of my background in finance, I became the go-to friend for money, budgeting, and investing questions. It made me realize how many young people really have no idea what to do with their money when they start working.”

So, she started posting on Instagram and TikTok as a way to document her personal finance journey and share her tips for navigating jobs, paying bills, living in a city, and saving for the future. 

“At the end of the day, I am just a normal person in her 20’s trying to navigate my career, balance a side hustle, share knowledge about a topic I am passionate about, and make decisions about my future. I find that sharing my life — whether that be what I spend or different financial routines I follow — has drawn attention from college students and recent grads who want to live a similar lifestyle as I do.”

Michela’s biggest achievement so far has been saving $100k by age 25 — all while making around $60k a year in Boston. This video breaks down the exact bank accounts she used to do it:

@breakyourbudget Link in bio for more free resources! #SwitchTheChobaniFlip #BoseAllOut #moneytok #tiktoktutorial #personalfinance #foryoupage ♬ Summer – Instrumental – Devinney


Rahul Rai — @thelaymaninvestor

  • TikTok stats: 529.6k followers; 6.7 million likes

Rahul Rai is an actor who’s passionate about educating people on the fundamentals of investing and side hustling. And in his opinion, one of the best investments you can make is in your own financial literacy. 

Rai began his own personal finance journey at age 28 after realizing it’s a skill set that compliments any career — whether you’re a 9 to 5 employee, work for yourself, or are in the arts like he is:

@thelaymaninvestor Literally the greatest skills you can teach yourself #personalfinancetips ♬ original sound – thelaymaninvestor


His most popular video has over two million views and talks about why kids in America may never be taught financial literacy in school. It’s honestly good food for thought: 

@thelaymaninvestor 🔥🔥🔥 straight 🔥🔥🔥 #thegame #financialliteracy #taxcode #wealthmindset ♬ original sound – thelaymaninvestor

Lexa VanDamme – @theavocadotoastbudget

  • TikTok stats: 431.3k followers; 3.5 million likes.

Lexa VanDamme started The Avocado Toast Budget (The ATB) to provide shame-free personal finance education to Millennials and Gen Z. And honestly, her channel is a breath of fresh air.

“The ATB is exactly what I wish I had 10 years ago: personal finance education that isn’t boring, doesn’t shame you for splurging on iced coffee, and reminds you that you’re more than your past money mistakes.”

I love that Lexa ditches the stale advice of ditching lattes to get rich. She’s proof you can have your daily Starbucks and get your finances in order at the same time:

@theavocadotoastbudget In a shocking announcement budgeting doesn’t have to be restrictive and iced coffee isn’t the reason you can’t afford a house. #budgetingtiktok ♬ original sound – Money Tips | Lexa | The ATB

Her channel is all about nonjudgmental budgeting advice and encouragement and we’re here for it!:

@theavocadotoastbudgetWelcome to nonjudgmental budgeting tik tok! Come break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt and save tons of money!♬ follow me – jaidenk lisbon

Seth Godwin – @seth.godwin

  • TikTok stats: 426.8k followers; 2.8 million likes.

Seth Godwin (aka, “The Guy Who Works In Finance”) is a TikTok finance influencer most known for his car buying tips, life hacks, and money-saving tricks. His channel focuses on giving people the building blocks they need to make smarter decisions with their money.

“If you aren’t taught financial literacy, it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin. The main thing I want people to take away from my TikTok is that it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out regardless of where you are in life.”

His most-watched video is on how you can save thousands in interest by splitting your loan payment into two smaller payments vs. one large payment at the end of the month:

@seth.godwin #stitch with @johnefinance Save Money With This Simple Trick! #Finance #PersonalFinance #SaveMoney #Wealth #Budget #LearnFromMe #EduTok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Seth Godwin

He also has another popular video on how to get a debt removed from collections:

@seth.godwin How to fix your #credit! #debtfree #financialfreedom #edutok #learnfromme #tiktokacademy #edutoklifetips #foryou #financial #edutokfinance #fyp ♬ original sound – Seth Godwin

Delyanne Barros – @delyannethemoneycoach

  • TikTok stats: 195.6k followers; 2.4 million likes.

Delyanne Barros is an ex-attorney turned money coach. Her TikTok is all about teaching investors how to slay the stock market (with a little bit of her personal FIRE journey thrown in the mix).

Delyanne is real, down-to-earth, and I love the humor and honesty she brings to her videos.

“People follow me on TikTok for personal finance education because they want relatable information that doesn’t sound like it came from a finance textbook.”

One of her most popular videos illustrates how you can’t just build health through saving – you have to invest it!:

@delyannethemoneycoach THANK YOU FOR 16K! You can’t build wealth by JUST saving $, you have to invest it! #learnontiktok #personalfinance #invest #stockmarket ♬ i LiKe iT bUt nOt a LoT – lilianne

She also has another video on how it feels to be drowning in bills. And seriously, I bust out laughing every time I watch it. #thestruggleisreal

@delyannethemoneycoach See you in 20 years friends! 😅 #lawschool #lawyersoftiktok #studentloans #debtfree ♬ drowning in bills – CrownMeCutie

Allison Baggerly — @inspiredbudget

  • TikTok stats: 54.2k followers; 425.1k likes

Allison Baggerly is here to teach you how to budget, pay off debt, and save money. Her platform is especially a good fit if you’re new to budgeting or are trying to get your partner on board. 

Some of her most popular videos are on how much to save for an emergency fund, how to budget as a single mom, and how to talk to your partner about money.

She reveals her family’s personal Christmas budget in one of her most popular videos, which garnered over 723,000 views in just one week:

@inspiredbudget Our Christmas budget! #budgeting #budget #holidaytiktok #holidayseason #budgetfriendly #budgetingforbeginners #budgetingtiktok #budgeting2021 #budgets ♬ original sound – Allison Baggerly

Allison’s favorite thing about TikTok is that it makes learning fun and quick. “There are so many videos that teach a topic in less than a minute. This opens the door for others to start learning about personal finances in an entertaining environment.”


These 10 FinTock stars are taking personal finance to the next level by making it fun and easy for everyone to learn how to be financially savvy. Whether you’re looking to get out of debt or learn how to invest, these platforms have something in the mix for everyone!

Which TikTok finance influencer will you follow first? Let me know in the comments below!

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