Selling your old video games and DVDs is a great way to bring some quick cash. Person to person sales on eBay or Facebook Marketplace might get you the most money but are also the biggest hassle. You can also sell to companies that buy used items, such as GameStop or SellBackYourBook. This will mean less cash but a quicker transaction.

Selling old DVDs and video games is an easy way to turn clutter into cash while reminiscing on the good old days. If you grew up in the era before streaming services and access to any movie that you could imagine, you’ll remember what it was like to land a copy of your favorite movie on DVD or how you would wait in line for hours to buy a copy of a brand new video game.

Fast forward a few years and now you have no space for the stuff you were so excited about purchasing. The good news is that you can make money from selling your old DVDs and video games.

What are the best places to sell your old games and DVDs?

Before you begin, you should definitely check out Price Charting to see what the trends are for the video game so that you know what to expect in terms of pricing for your game trade-in.

That will help you to know if the places below are giving you a good deal.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is known for buying and selling all types of technology. You can sell your old DVDs and any other tech that you want to get rid of directly to them. If you find that you also have an old tablet or laptop taking up space next to your DVD collection, you can sell it as well. You can get paid through Paypal, direct transfer, or even a check. If you’re feeling generous, you can have your earnings donated to charity. The company has paid out $400 million by check, direct deposit, or Paypal.

You can easily find the value of your DVD on Decluttr with two options:

  • Entering the barcode from the DVD into the valuation engine.
  • Using the barcode scanner on the free app.

You get an instant valuation to decide if you want to go through with the sale. You then pack your box, and it comes with free shipping. You can find the best prices for DVDs here because they’re always looking to increase the inventory.

The value of your DVD will depend on the release date, the title, and the popularity of the DVD.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the best platform for getting rid of any unwanted item in general. I sold an old mattress for $85 and had someone pick it up from my door. You could make decent money from here since you never know what someone’s in the market for on Facebook. You may be able to get the best prices for DVDs or video games if someone in your community is on the hunt.

We looked through listings to see what games and DVDs were going for locally. I saw someone had listed “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” for PS2 for $20. There was also a Goodfellas DVD for $5 available.

3. Amazon

You have a few options for selling your old DVDs and video games on Amazon: you can offer a third-party listing or a trade-in. You can make more money directly selling your items, but the trade-ins offer instant cash.
The best idea is to search for similar titles to see what they’re going for to get a ballpark figure. I found the same GTA for about $35 on here, while a Goodfellas DVD went for about $10.

4. eBay

The beauty of eBay is that you can auction your old games and DVDs to see how much money you can get for them. You can try selling your entire collection at once or list one item at a time to see what you can get.

How much you’ll make depends on what kind of DVD or video game you’re looking to part with. You can also search up similar titles to see what the going rate is. I found the GTA video game going for about $15 while a Goodfellas DVD went for about $5.

5. Eagle Saver

Eagle Saver lets you turn used books, CDs, DVDs, and video games into cash. You can get instant quotes and fast payments. Once you enter the 12-digit UPC of your video game or DVD, you’ll get an instant quote. You then proceed by printing the label and shipping the item for free. You get paid by check or Paypal.

The prices you’ll get depend on the supply and demand of the product you’re looking to sell. You can make more money if they have a low inventory and high demand for what you have.

6. GameStop

GameStop doesn’t offer online trade-ins and aren’t forward online about spilling their prices. But they offer cash, trade-in credit, and bonus trade-in deals constantly. With GameStop, you can trade in used games for an in-store credit or towards pre-paid Visa or Mastercard gift card that can be used elsewhere.

Knowing exactly what you’ll get for your old games is difficult to tell because they don’t list prices online. We recommend testing your luck in person by bringing in some of your old video games. The trade values will depend on the condition, popularity, and how many units they have already.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy will accept anything tech-related if you’re looking for a game trade-in, so you can bring your stash of video games and DVDs to see what you can get. Your old discs could lead to in-store credit. You can also use the online estimator to see your products’ worth before going in.

The website doesn’t list the prices they’ll pay, but if you have many old devices and games around the house that you no longer need, you can trade them in for store credits. The online estimator will give you a rough idea so that you’re not blindsided when you go in.

8. SellBackYourBook

SellBackYourBook used to be known as, so the name kind of gives away what they do. The website is still buying your old DVDs. They promise the best price, free shipping, and prompt payment for your DVDs.

You can enter the UPC code to see what your title goes for before deciding how to proceed.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist is still a viable options for selling your old DVDs and video games. I recently helped someone sell off some old XBox games on here and was surprised by the resale value. An older Call of Duty game went for $20 and the person came to pick it up.

You can type in the name of the DVD or video game that you’re selling to see how much others are asking. The price of what you can sell for will also depend on the demand in your community.

If you like this idea but Craigslist gives you the ick check out these Craigslist alternatives.

10. Yard sale

You can always host a yard sale to sell your old DVDs and video games on top of the other items that you want to get rid of. You can advertise ahead of time what you’re offering so that collectors will know in advance what to expect.

Since yard sales are usually known for bargains, this might be the lowest rate that you get. However, you can use this as an opportunity to also unload various other times from around the house that you no longer need.

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11. Pawnshop

We listed this last because this shouldn’t be your first option. However, if you have a local pawn shop, you can go in to see what they’re offering for your old video games and DVDs.

As usual, the amount you get will all depend on how rare your products are and what the demand is like in that community. But the sale will be quick and painless.

What Are The Best Ways to Sell Your Games and DVDs?

The good news is that you can sell your DVDs within minutes online through one of the options we listed. The bad news is that while a trade-in is likely the easiest option since you don’t have to worry about bartering or doing any additional work, it also comes with the worst rate.

You can make more money from individually selling your items on a platform like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, but you should expect more effort. It’s also worth mentioning that many price charters who track the rates of old DVDs and video games often check eBay to see what the going rate is.

The best ways to maximize your money from old DVDs and video games are:

Look around for the best offers. You should always start off by seeking out which platforms offer the best rates in general so that you know what to expect.

Never pay for shipping. Most sites will pay for shipping so you should ensure that you never have to cover this expense.

Look for rare items to sell. As much as you may want to sell all of your old video games or movies, you should try to find rare items because these will go for more. The best prices for DVDs are often saved for rare collectibles.


Selling your old DVDs or video games is a quick way to get instant access to cash. If you don’t like the offer that you get at one place, you can always explore other options until you’re satisfied. You can trade in movies for money, and you might be able to make a few dollars while reminiscing on simpler times.

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