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How Buying (And Keeping) Used Cars Can Save You A Ton of Money

Cost of car ownership--MoneyUnder30

Some people can’t resist that new car smell. But if you have the willpower to buy used cars (and drive them for years), your savings will really add up. See how much you could save.

The Best Cities In America For Young Adults To Get Rich

Cincinnati Ohio pic

When it comes to saving money, where you live matters. Money Under 30 found 10 cities with affordable housing and above-average salaries for 18-to-34-year-olds. Could these be the best cities in America for getting rich?

I Tried To Find Work On Elance, Beyond, And Thumbtack — Here’s What Happened

The Best Place To Find Freelance Work A Look At Three Job Sites

Earning extra money is fantastic for your finances, but finding work can be tricky. Here’s a review of some of the most popular online freelance marketplaces — Elance, Beyond, and Thumbtack.

9 Worthy Money Goals For Every Situation: Choose One Now

8 Steps To Setting Smart, Simple Financial Goals

Just do something! Start small. See results. Do it again. Any one of these goals will make you richer. Which will you try?

Stressed About Money? Why You Might Need A Financial Planner, Not A Therapist

Five Reasons Your Financial Planner Beats A Psychologist

Financial planners aren’t just for people who have it all together. If money is stressing you out, the right type of financial planner might be able to help.

Five Books That Will Make You A Smarter Investor

Five investing books - MoneyUnder30

Here are five of the best investing books to help you become a well-rounded amateur investor.

Credit Unions Vs Banks: Think Local, Save Money?

Banks vs credit unions - MoneyUnder30

Sick of your bank? Try a credit union. They have better interest rates and lower fees. Combine that with better customer service and you can see why credit unions are poised to take over the world of banking.

Practice Safe Spending: How To Use Your Debit Card Safely


For hackers and thieves, your debit card is an easy target. Protect your hard-earned money by learning how to use a debit card safely.

Free Checking Never Went Away: Here’s Where To Look

Free Checking Never Went Away Here's Where To Look

Free checking is easy to find if you know where to look. Don’t pay monthly fees to keep your money safe — explore these free alternatives now.

10 Tips To Help You Start Investing

Investing For The Future 10 Tips To Get You On Your Way

Investing is scary, but not investing is even scarier. Have you been putting off investing your first dollar? Here are some tips to help you get started.