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DIY Car Maintenance Every Adult Should Know

The first car I owned, I wish I still had. It was an oldie but a great-ie: A metallic, twilight-blue 1977 Chevy Nova with a “three-in-the tree” stick shift mounted on the steering wheel, even though it operated with a clutch. That Nova boasted anot … [Read more...]

The $1 Million 401(k): Investing Strategy For 20- and 30-somethings

Your 401(k) could easily make you a millionaire. By making small, regular investments starting in your 20s or early 30s, your savings will grow tax-free over 30 or 40 years. While opting in to make 401(k) contributions is the most important step you … [Read more...]

When, If Ever, Is It Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

Not so many years ago, I stared tremendous debt in the face, a direct consequence of losing my full-time job and failing to check my spending. And so for the briefest of moments, I considered bankruptcy. It didn’t take long for the financial gurus … [Read more...]

10 Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How often do you hear the words “artist” and “big money” in the same sentence? Maybe when it’s something like this: “The artist owes big money on his rent.” Or: “The artist who titled his abstract painting ‘Big Money’ sold it for 75 bucks at the local … [Read more...]

You Paid Bills Late: Just How Bad Is That? The Lifetime Cost Of Missed Payments

Mitch Roschelle is the kind of guy anyone in their 20s would be lucky to have as a professional mentor. Based in New York, he’s the national leader for PwC’s real estate advisory practice. Mitch has been featured everywhere from The New York Times to … [Read more...]

Can We Go Thrift Shopping? Pro Tips For Finding Thrift Store Deals

Last year I lost 40 pounds, which meant none of my pants fit me anymore. I went from a 34-35 waist to a 31-32, and donning my jeans turned me into a baggy-pants clown. Moreover, I wasn’t into going back to maxing out my credit cards. And while I’ve … [Read more...]

How We Save: Acorns Co-founder Jeff Cruttenden Wants To Make Investing Easy For Everyone

A parent’s shining example can not only shape a life of financial discipline, but also cement a career path for passing on that knowledge to other millennials. But who says you can’t have a little fun while you’re at it? Jeff Cruttenden works along … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways You Can Be More Money-savvy Than Most Americans

Do you think you're more money-savvy than the average American? If you'd like to be, there's good news: It's not that difficult. From wagering hundreds of millions on the Super Bowl to keeping their finances on cocktail napkins, the most Americans … [Read more...]

The High Price Of Divorce, Financial And Emotional

One New Year’s resolution carries with it the specter of sadness: the decision to get divorced. Coming as they do just weeks before Valentine’s Day, calendar-kickoff divorce proceedings are so common that January is now known as “Divorce Month.” (Than … [Read more...]

Can You Afford A Broken Arm? Insured Or Not, Hospital Bills Hurt; 5 Apps Than Can Help You Save

Could it be: $500 for stitches? Actually, it can cost even more per stitch. No less a source than The New York Times reported this in December 2013, under the heading “Paying Till It Hurts.” The article relates how a woman visited the emergency roo … [Read more...]