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Text: How much house can I afford?

How much house can I afford?

Shop for your new home the smart way. Learn how to calculate how much house you can afford before hitting that open house or applying for a mortgage.

Text: How much should you spend on a new car?

How much should you spend on a car?

Getting your first “adult” car in your 20s can be exciting, which is why it’s so easy to get carried away. However, the purchase price shouldn’t exceed 35% of your monthly income.

The 6 + 1 System For Achieving Financial Security

The 6 + 1 system for achieving financial security

You want to control your money, but where do you start? These 7 easy steps will show you how to achieve financial security: No consumer debt, rainy-day savings and the ability to save cash for both retirement and life goals like vacations, cars and your next home.