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How to Start Building Business Credit

The basic principles of building business credit are similar to those for building personal credit: Make your business’s loan and credit card payments on time, keep your credit utilization low, and avoid collections. But your business credit score is marked on a different scale than your personal credit score, and it’s monitored by different credit bureaus as well.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. ‘Real’ Diamonds: Which Should You Buy?

Lab-grown diamonds are far less expensive than their mined antecedents, and they’re a great option for those who want a heart-stopping piece of jewelry without a heart-stopping price tag. But mined diamonds may still be attractive to traditionalists who prefer natural gemstones, and who have fewer financial concerns.

Financial Literacy: Keep Your Money Tight and Right

Financial literacy is the ability to manage money in a way that encourages financial health. Mastery of budgeting, saving, debt, and investing make up financial literacy’s key components, and these core topics should be part of any comprehensive education.