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How much do financial advisors cost?

Financial advisor fees can range from a small percentage of your portfolio to several thousand dollars per year, depending on what kind of services you need and how much you’re planning to invest. Alternately, robo-advisors are a cheaper option that automate your investments using an algorithm, based on your risk profile.

How much should I tip?

How much you should tip depends on the service you’re receiving. In general, 10% to 20% will have you covered in most circumstances, although if you’ve received excellent service or it’s the holiday season, it’s a good idea to give a bit more.

Why you should (almost) always pay yourself first

When you pay yourself first, you set aside money each payday and dedicate that money to reaching your financial goals — like saving for retirement. This approach prioritizes your long-term financial health from the get-go and minimizes the chances that you’ll waste money on impulse purchases later.