Working from home lets you save on commuting costs, spend more time with your family, and avoid spending all day in a cubicle. Here are seven companies that have a history of hiring at-home employees.

People work from home for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’ve got kids, maybe you’re sick of driving miles to work, or maybe you just really hate sitting in an office all day.

Whatever your reasoning, if you want to try working from home part-time or even full-time, it’s important to know the legitimate companies that will actually pay you for your hard work.

Most work-at-home jobs are customer service-based, but there are also translating jobs, web design jobs, and transcribing jobs, among many others.

Here are seven of the best, legitimate companies that frequently hire at-home employees.


SYKES is a tried-and-true customer service company. They work with financial service, healthcare, retail, and technology companies.

For this job you’ll need a laptop, reliable internet, and a headset or cell phone, as the job is entirely call-based.

Typically, SYKES pays a little over minimum wage (depending on where in the U.S. you live).

What makes SYKES different than most is that you might be eligible for health insurance and a 401(k) if you’re a full-time work-from-home employee — benefits that are typically excluded for remote employees.


Call centers are a great, easy way to make some extra money at home. Sitel has clients from various industries such as financial services, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. There are only certain states currently hiring, so make sure to check before you apply.

As a call center associate, you’ll be required to answer inbound calls that involve billing inquiries, product inquiries, or service orders.

Pay varies from job to job and is hourly. This includes the pay you’ll get for doing the online training.


Amazon may sound like a surprising company to offer work-from-home positions, but as it’s growing, more and more jobs are becoming available in select states (only 20 offer work-from-home positions).

If you’re good at customer service or speak another language, chances are Amazon will want you.

A customer service rep answers questions and resolves concerns presented by Amazon customers.

Most positions require some late-night work, depending where you are in the U.S., which could make this position perfect for those who work elsewhere during the day.

The job pays $10 an hour, with additional paid training.

Alorica at Home

If you’re great with customers, but don’t like the traditional office setting, Alorica at Home is specifically designed for you. They offer customer service positions for a wide range of companies.

You’ll be trained through the instructor-led training (ILT) program where you’ll have a set training schedule in a real-time virtual classroom setting. Just because there’s no office to go to, doesn’t mean Alorica wants you to miss out on friendly experiences with your coworkers—which is a big reason for the training.

What will you actually be doing at Alorica? You could be entering and verifying customer information, answering customer questions, and explaining products and services for whichever company you work for.

How will you be paid? Alorica at Home offers schedules based on a per minute, per call, or guaranteed hourly rate. If total earnings are less than minimum wage, employee compensation will be trued up to meet local minimum wage requirements.


If you speak a language besides English and communicate well with others, CyraCom offers translation jobs.

At CyraCom, you may help a travel agent schedule someone’s flight, translate for doctors, or help insurance agents with non-English-speaking clients.

The catch with this work-from-home position is you’re required to offer proof of at least of two of these things:

  • Interpretation experience
  • Professional certification and training
  • A two- to four-year degree in interpretation
  • Higher education both in the United States and in programs taught in the other working language
  • Experience in relevant areas other than interpretation (e.g., healthcare)

In-person employees are offered training, while at-home employees must provide their own.


Athreon hires transcriptionists for a wide variety of work including medical facilities, legal firms, and insurance companies.

While a transcription training program certificate (which you can likely find at your local state or community college) is not required to be a transcriptionist for Athreon, it is helpful and can likely make you more money.

Athreon requires transcriptionists to work a minimum of five days per week and transcribe at least 200 lines per workday—so this could easily be a full-time position.

Payment is determined by how many lines you transcribe and is paid through PayPal every week.

Time Etc

Time Etc is a company that hires virtual assistants for a variety of businesses, managers, and entrepreneurs. This position requires a laptop, internet connection, and a headset or phone.

Some of the typical tasks required are: general administration, making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and taking care of social media sites. Other tasks vary on experience.

Being a virtual assistant is an easy task for someone who has ever had some office experience. Starting at $11 an hour, with flexible weekday schedules, working for Time Etc could be a great work-from-home side job.


While working from home may not give you the most exciting career, it can be a great side gig, or even a full-time job.

There are plenty of jobs that require little to no experience, while others (that often pay a little more) require training programs or certificates that prove your experience.

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