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Diet-To-Go review

Sticking to a diet of any kind can be difficult. The burden of calorie counting to lose weight can be especially difficult for me. But, Diet-To-Go offers a solution to help me stick to my planned diet with less temptation to verve off course.

Today, I take a closer look at Diet-To-Go and what it can offer you. 

What is Diet-To-Go?

Diet-To-Go is a meal delivery service that is designed to help you lose weight. According to their site, you can ‘live your life, enjoy what you eat, and watch the weight come off.’ 

Of course, dieting is never that simple. But with Diet-To-Go, you take some of the challenges out of dieting. Instead of creating a diet meal plan, shopping for the ingredients, and cooking the meals yourself, you’ll simply select meals that look tasty and heat them up when they arrive at your door. 

The company was originally founded in 1991 as one of the original companies in the diet meal delivery space. Over time, the company has created different menus that work for a wide variety of people. The goal of the company is to help you meet your weight loss goals in a healthy way through carefully prepared meals. 

How does Diet-To-Go work?

Diet-To-Go Review - How Diet-To-Go work

When you sign up for Diet-To-Go, the first step is to choose the type of meal plan you want. The company offered four different types:

  • Balance – This is the most popular plan offered by Diet-To-Go with heart-healthy and calorie-controlled menu items. The calories for these meals are limited to 1,200 per day for women and 1,600 calories per day for men. A few meals you might expect in this option include a salmon burger with mango salsa, turkey tamale pie, and porcini mushroom chicken. 
  • Balance-Diabetes – The second choice is an adjusted menu to accommodate customers with diabetes. You can expect meals like lemon herb chicken, turkey Salisbury steak, and Pomodoro orange roughy. 
  • Keto-Carb30 – If you are looking for a keto-friendly option, then this is the right selection for you. This menu is designed to include less than 30 carbs daily. The meals that you might enjoy include beef casserole, grilled pork chop, and eggplant manicotti. 
  • Vegetarian The final option is a completely vegetarian menu. With this, you can expect meals such as vegetable ravioli, a Mediterranean Melt, or white bean and veggie casserole. 

With each of these menus, you’ll find that there is a five-week rotation. When you sign-up, you’ll join the current week’s menu. 

You will have the choice to pick up your meals at a local gym if you live in Washington DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, or Los Angeles. If you live somewhere else, then your meals will be shipped to your door. 

How much does Diet-To-Go cost?

The cost of using Diet-To-Go will vary based on the menu you choose and your meal preferences. However, the cost per meal ranges from $8.57 to $13.00 per meal. That can add up quickly if you choose to order all of your meals from Diet-To-Go. You should expect to spend at least $120 per week and potentially up to $200 per week. If you are unable to pick up your meals, then you should also factor in $19.98 for shipping each week. 

Overall, Diet-To-Go isn’t cheap. But the goal of the meal delivery service is to lose weight, not save money. You can likely make these meals at a lower cost for yourself, but you may have more trouble sticking to your diet. It is a personal choice that you’ll need to make.

Diet-To-Go features

Let’s take a closer look at what Diet-To-Go has to offer.

Free diet analysis

Before you sign up, Diet-To-Go offers a free diet analysis. After you enter a little bit of information about your height, weight, and lifestyle, the company will shed some light on your current situation. You’ll find out more about your BMI (body mass index) and what menu is the recommended choice for you. 

I thought these results were useful to narrow down which meal plan was the best choice for me on a personal level. 

Food safety

Diet-To-Go is very strict about its meal preparation procedures. The meals will be prepared for you in a commercial kitchen that adheres to the highest food safety standards. 

It can bring peace of mind to know that your food was prepared with care.

Pre-made food delivered

When the food arrives at your door, each meal will be individually packaged in a plastic tray. You’ll be able to heat it up and eat it right away. 

I think this is the best thing that Diet-To-Go has to offer. Whenever I try out a new diet, it usually falls away when I head to the grocery store and see what I’m missing out on. I think that if the meals were already made and delivered to my door, I would have a better chance of sticking to a diet. 

Quality ingredients and great taste

Diet-To-Go Review - Quality ingredients and great taste

Although I have not personally tried these meals, the response from the internet is overwhelmingly positive. Most people seem to enjoy the Diet-To-Go meals. The biggest complaint I saw was that there wasn’t always enough food to feel satisfied. However, that is an understandable complaint if you are limiting your calorie intake to under 2,000 calories per day. 

Personally, I know that I would need more calories to feel full. But the point of the service is to stick to a diet that helps you lose weight, so it makes sense that the calorie count is limited. 

Support along the way

Sometimes losing weight and staying healthy can seem like an uphill battle. With Diet-To-Go, you no longer have to face these challenges alone. Instead, you’ll have access to an entire team of health professionals that can help you meet your goals in a safe way.

The team includes a Registered Dietitian, a Nutritionist, and a Certified Health Coach. You can reach out to the team at any time to help answer questions and guide you through this journey. 

Who is Diet-To-Go best for?

If you need help to stay motivated to stick to a diet, then Diet-To-Go can be a great option. You can take the planning out of dieting and simply eat the delicious meals that have been prepared with your needs in mind. Whether you need diabetic-friendly food or have food allergies to consider, Diet-To-Go is ready to accommodate these needs. 

It is important to note that this service can get expensive quickly. If you are ready to make a financial commitment to your health, then Diet-To-Go is a good option. 

Who shouldn’t use Diet-To-Go?

If you already lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy preparing your own meals, then you may not need the help of Diet-To-Go. Or if your budget is already tight, you might want to prioritize other goals until you have a healthy financial situation to try out this service.

You can save money by preparing your own meals and sticking to a diet without the help of Diet-To-Go. 

Pros & cons


  • Portion controlled food delivered to your door — You won’t have to go to the grocery store if you choose the full weekly plan. Simply unpack the box and enjoy your meals.
  • Quality food — The food is prepared in a safe commercial kitchen with thoughtful ingredients to help you stay on track.
  • Customizable — If you have allergies or food preferences, then you can ask for customizations for your meals. That can allow you to enjoy these meals even more.


  • Low-calorie count — The calorie counts of these meals are low enough to leave anyone hungry for more.
  • Price — The price of using Diet-To-Go is not cheap. In fact, you will be paying between $8 and $13 per meal which will add up quickly. Especially when you factor in shipping costs.

Diet-To-Go vs. Nutrisystem vs. Balance by bistroMD

Let’s take a minute to compare Diet-To-Go with some of its competitors.

  Diet-To-Go Nutrisystem Balance by bistroMD
Cost $8 to $13 per meal $8.57 to $12.50 per day $8.49 to $13 per meal
Meal options Weight loss, vegetarian, keto, diabetic-friendly Weight loss, diabetic-friendly, vegetarian Gluten-free, heart healthy, dairy-free, vegetarian, low-carb, low-sodium, and more
Best for Calorie control Weight loss Specialty diets


A top competitor is Nutrisystem with its comprehensive meal delivery plans centered around meeting your weight loss goals. The program kicks off with an intense week of low-calorie meals to start working towards your goals. After you’ve reached your goal weight, Nutrisystem offers a transitional plan to help you learn how to maintain this goal weight without delivered meals. 

Overall, this company can help you meet your goals without depriving you of snacks and desserts. However, you might run into issues if you have any specific food allergies. 

Balance by bistroMD

Diet-To-Go Review - Balance by bistroMDBalance by bistroMD offers a solution for anyone that wants to save time and eat healthily. The meals do not require any prep time but are healthier options than your average takeout. 

You’ll be able to stick to any specific diet that you desire with the wide range of options offered by Balance MD. Plus, you don’t have to stick to a weekly delivery schedule. That means you have more flexibility to choose when and how you will stick to your diet. 


Overall, Diet-To-Go offers a useful meal delivery service for anyone that is attempting to lose weight in a healthy way. Instead of attempting to stick to a diet on your own, this service will take all of the planning out of your diet. You can focus on eating the meals that are delivered directly to your door and rely on a team of health professionals for support along the way. 

Of course, the convenience of this service will come at a high monetary cost. But you can score 20% off your first order to decide whether or not this service is a good fit for your life and your budget.

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