Credit Sesame Review: A Free Tool for Improving Your Credit

Credit Sesame is a free service that helps you track your credit score and manage your debts.Credit Sesame is new service providing free credit score tracking and ways to organize your existing debts so you can identify opportunities to pay them off faster.

It’s like Credit Karma meets Debt Goal meets LendingTree.

Credit Sesame gives you:

  • A free credit score that you can update and track monthly.
  • A debt optimization plan to help you pay off debt faster.
  • Product recommendations (like mortgage refinancing or debt consolidation loans) that may save you money.

Like Credit Karma and Mint, Credit Sesame is totally free (no hooks); they’re hoping to earn money from the sponsored they suggest to you based upon your specific financial situation (see bullet #3). In return, Credit Sesame gives you free access to your credit score and a toolbox you can use to organize and prioritize your debts.

If you’re looking for a simple step you can take towards better understanding your finances and making a plan, take 10 minutes to create a free Credit Sesame account. Then, circle back and let us know what you think in a comment.

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About David Weliver

David Weliver is the founding editor of Money Under 30. He's a cited authority on personal finance and the unique money issues we face during our first two decades as adults. He lives in Maine with his wife and two children.


  1. Great credit tool! My girlfriend and I have been working hard to pay down our consumer debt. Our plan is to have everything paid down by the end of the year. It’s nice to see the progress we’ve made so far is showing a positive result: a huge jump in our scores!

  2. I have a concern. I get my credit score from Experian and it says 709. I go on this site, and they say my credit score is 656 and that they get the score from Experian. Something is off.

    • David Weliver says:

      Two things to consider: One, your credit score can be calculated differently even with information from the same bureau. For example, a FICO score can be pulled using data from Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax, but FICO is just the brand name of one algorithm…I need to double check this, but Credit Sesame probably uses their own algorithm to estimate your credit score (so if other people note a big difference please speak up). The take away is that any credit score is relative to the particular scale being used, it’s not an absolute number. (Some score ranges only go to 800, others go to 850 or even 900, yet these can all be pulled using data from the same credit bureau’s report).

      The other point is that credit scores can change overnight in response to new information. If you know this is the case (for example, you recently opened a new credit account or made late payment), there’s your answer. If not, pull your Experian credit REPORT for free from to ensure there’s no new inaccurate information that could be causing the discrepancy. Good luck.

      • I have been using Equifax’s credit monitoring service for about three years now. I keep a very close watch on my credit score and have been trying to improve my credit for the past couple of years after getting into credit trouble in my early twenties, but I have really been actively working on it for the past couple of months.

        I heard about Credit Sesame and Credit Karma and decided to see what they were all about. The credit score returned by Credit Sesame (which uses Experian only) is about 60 points higher (!!!) than the one on Equifax. I was a little puzzled so I checked Credit Karma (which uses TransUnion) next. Credit Karma’s score was right on point with Equifax’s score.

  3. Thanks for the heads up David! My wife and I have been saving up money to buy a home in the next few years, so we might start using Credit Sesame to keep track of our credit until then.

  4. Don’t like all the info they require you to put in to “pre-approve” you for savings, especially annual income (!)

    I’ll stick with credit karma for tracking my credit score.

  5. Not a bad website. Funny my fico is higher on credit sesame than credit karma. Credit sesame is lacking the ability to have all ur banking history centralized such as mint. Other than that Its a nice tool.

  6. Avishai Moscovich says:

    Not working in Canada :(

  7. my experian is 644 on credit sesame and on experian its 555 so im lost because they are both from experian right i saw that and was like wow let me go check on experian only to find out im 555 so hurt but its a nice tool i guess even though my score was up 100 plus and wrong lol

  8. Thanks for recommending this site, Dave! I tried Mint because of your recommendation, and really liked it. If there’s something even better out there that you recommend, I’m def going to check it out! =)

  9. My score from sesame credit was also WRONG. Sesame says my credit score is 587 i was super excited it had been going up only to find when pulled from experian itself it was only 575 DO NOT TRUST THEM! Something is definitely wrong if they are supposidly getting these scores from experian but they dont match the info that experian has but then again what do you expect credit sesame is free