The best financial advisors in San Francisco can help Bay Area residents reach their financial goals. Learn more about the best financial advisors in San Francisco here.

For many people, a financial advisor is a key ally in helping you reach your financial goals. While most savvy people under 30 should be able to handle their finances on their own, many opt to hire a financial advisor to get access to personalized advice from a financial expert.

If you live in San Francisco and want help from a local financial advisor, you’ve come to the right place. The best financial advisors in San Francisco are standing by to help you create a financial plan, choose the best investment portfolio, and put you on track to reach your most important financial priorities. Keep reading for a list of the best financial advisors in San Francisco.

Overview of the best financial advisors in San Francisco

FirmBest for
BOSHigh net worth individuals
Burgess Financial PlanningFinancial planning with no minimum net worth
Citrine CapitalHigh tech professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners
Financial ConnectionsPlanning for the future
Hall Capital PartnersHigh net worth individuals
Morling Financial AdvisorsFinancial planning, investments
Paragon Financial PlanningLong-term financial planning


  • Contact: 415-781-8535 or [email protected].
  • Services offered: Financial planning, trust & estate planning, wealth management.
  • Assets required: $3 million in investable assets
  • Typical fees: The fee is quoted as an annual percentage fee, and is billed quarterly by taking the value of your assets at the end of each calendar quarter and applying one-fourth of that annual percentage fee.

Bingham Osborn & Scarborough Wealth Management, better known as BOS, is an investment and financial advising company for individuals with at least $3 million in investable assets.

The fee-only firm advises clients with a holistic approach that looks at all aspects of the client’s finances. BOS works to build long-term investment portfolios using a data-driven approach that incorporates taxes and other factors. 

Burgess Financial Planning

  • Contact: 415-525-1041 or [email protected].
  • Services offered: Financial planning and investing advice.
  • Assets required: $3 million in investable assets.
  • Typical fees: $480 fee for an initial planning meeting.

A smaller shop, Burgess Financial Planning is a boutique firm with just one planner. Sean Burgess is a CFP and Registered Investment Advisor. He is a fiduciary (that means he always puts your best interests first) and doesn’t have any minimum required level of assets to get started.

Burgess charges a $480 fee for an initial planning meeting. If you decide to work with Burgess Financial Planning long-term, investment fees are charged based on assets under management. This firm earns an impressive 4.5-star rating with 35 reviews on Yelp.

Citrine Capital

  • Contact: 415-494-8262.
  • Services offered: Wealth management, financial planning, asset protection, risk management.
  • Assets required: None listed.
  • Typical fees: Starting at $7,000 per year.

Founded in 2014, Citrine Capital is a fee-only wealth management firm with a focus on the Bay Area’s high-tech community. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup employees will likely feel at home with this firm.

Citrine Capital works to organize client finances in a way that helps them reach financial goals, mitigate taxes, and manage wealth for long-term needs. Fees start at $7,000 per year for clients with a net worth below $1 million.

Financial Connections

  • Contact: 415-924-1091 or [email protected].
  • Services offered: Financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, socially responsible investing.
  • Assets required: None listed.
  • Typical fees: $290.00 per hour for financial planning.

Located across the Golden Gate Bridge in Corte Madera, Financial Connections offers financial management, investment management, and other services to Bay Area clients. The fee-only firm doesn’t take any commissions or compensation from large investment fund providers.

The firm’s team acts as fiduciaries project-based financial planning. For those with long-term and unique needs, you can sign up for a concierge service to plan for specific needs. Its investment management product comes with either customized portfolios or robo advisor-style modeled portfolios.

Hall Capital Partners

  • Contact: 415-288-0544 or [email protected].
  • Services offered: Investment management, risk management.
  • Assets required: $500 million.
  • Typical fees: $300,000 to $400,000 annual minimum fee.

Founded by Kathryn Hall in 1994, Hall Capital Partners is a large financial planning firm with more than $30 billion in client assets under management. It exclusively works with high-net-worth clients, many of whom hold eight-figure and nine-figure portfolios.

If you have that kind of wealth, the $300,000 to $400,000 annual minimum fee isn’t a huge deal. But for most of us peons with merely tens or hundreds of thousands, or even assets in the low millions, Hall Capital Partners probably isn’t going to work for you. If you just made it big time from your company’s IPO, however, it could be worth giving Hall Capital Partners a call.

Morling Financial Advisors

  • Contact: 800-607-5800.
  • Services offered: Financial planning, investment management.
  • Assets required: None listed.
  • Typical fees: Start at $300 per month.

Morling Financial Advisors is an investment manager and financial planner founded in 1999. Suitable to high-tech Silicon Valley, Morling Financial Advisors has its own app for clients to log in and view their account details.

Financial planning services start at $300 per month. Investment management services start at 1% for those with under $1 million in assets and go down to 0.60% for those with $10 million and up.

Paragon Financial Planning

  • Contact: 510-227-5354 or [email protected] or [email protected].
  • Services offered: Financial planning, investment management, retirement planning.
  • Assets required: None listed.
  • Typical fees: Depends on portfolio size.

If you are in Oakland or Alameda, the office of Paragon Financial Planning may be convenient for you. Paragon Financial Planning is a small office led by Samantha N. Dinh, a Certified Financial Planner.

She’s doing something right, as Paragon Financial Planning earns perfect five-star ratings after 34 reviews on Yelp. Dinh offers financial planning, investment management, and insurance services through her company.

Summary of the best financial advisors in San Francisco

FirmServices offeredPrimary clientele
BOS• Financial planning
• Trust & estate planning
• Wealth management
High net worth individuals
Burgess Financial Planning• Financial planning
• Investing advice
Those looking for no minimums and an affordable advisor
Citrine Capital• Wealth management
• Financial planning
• Asset protection
• Risk management.

High tech professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners
Financial Connections•Financial planning
• Investment management
• Retirement planning
• Socially responsible investing
Those with unique money needs
Hall Capital Partners• Investment management
• Risk management
High net worth individuals
Morling Financial Advisors• Financial planning.
• Investment management
Tech industry workers
Paragon Financial Planning• Financial planning
• Investment management
• Retirement planning
Those looking for no minimums and an affordable advisor

How I came up with this list

This list of the best financial advisors in San Francisco is based on several sources.

They are fee-only planners

Financial advisors on this list don’t earn from shady commission deals. They are all fee-only planners where you know what you will pay upfront and can rest easy that there are no major financial conflicts of interest.

They are fiduciaries

Fiduciaries are legally required to put your interests first. It’s a good idea to only work with a financial or legal expert who acts in a fiduciary capacity.

They earn good customer reviews

Before adding a financial advisor, I checked out reviews on multiple sites including Google and Yelp, and public lists of awards given to San Francisco financial advisors.

They work with a wide range of clients

Top advisors from this list may be a good fit for people from all financial backgrounds, whether they have $1,000 to invest or $100,000,000. While every financial advisor on this list isn’t the right fit for every reader, there should be an advisor that meets the needs of most people looking to get started with a financial advisor.

Remember that not all people need a financial advisor. Resources like those available here at Money Under 30 could give you all you need to make good financial decisions without the added cost of a finance professional. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your comfort level with your finances to decide if you would benefit from the services of a San Francisco financial advisor.

What questions should you ask a financial advisor?

How can you help me with my finances?

A financial advisor is a licensed financial professional with the expertise to help you manage various parts of your finances. That can include creating a financial plan, managing your investments, or a fully hands-on advising experience where they handle most of your day-to-day finances. Some focus on taxes, some focus on specific types of business owners or employees, some work with anyone.

There are many types of financial advisors. The one thing they all have in common is a business built around helping you manage your money.

Why should I hire you instead of doing it myself?

A financial advisor is best for someone who isn’t confident that they are making the right financial decisions. Most people don’t get much financial education at school, if any. That means unless their parents taught them about money, they could be just making best guesses around major financial decisions like saving for retirement or buying a home.

If you want help creating a financial plan or having your plan double-checked by a professional, a financial advisor could be right for you.

Are you a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a type of financial advisor that is obligated to put your interests first. That means they are not allowed to put your money into a fund that isn’t aligned with your long-term goals and needs.

Ideally, you should only ever work with a financial professional that acts in a fiduciary capacity.

What services do you offer?

Financial advisors can offer a range of services. Here are some of the most popular services you can find from a financial advisor.

  • Financial planning – Reviewing where your money is today and how it influences your future is important. With financial planning services, advisors help you chart out the right savings and investments to reach your goals.
  • Investments – If you don’t know the difference between a stock, bond, and ETF, this service could be very valuable to you. Some financial advisors help you set up your portfolio to manage yourself. Others will manage it for you long-term.
  • Taxes – Financial advisors may be able to help with tax planning and tax savings strategies. Not all advisors offer tax services, but it’s an extra perk and could allow you to manage all of your money needs in one place.
  • Consulting – As well-versed financial pros, some advisors also offer business consulting services with a focus on financial management.

What are the costs of hiring a financial advisor?

If you are hiring a financial advisor, it’s important to ask them how they get paid. That’s because financial advisors can charge fees in different ways. They could also make money in ways that give them an incentive to suggest investments that are not in your best interest.

Fee-only financial advisors are only paid by client fees. This is the best type of financial advisor to choose. I would argue that it’s the only financial advisor relationship that works toward the client’s best interests.

Fee-only advisors may charge monthly or annual fees, hourly fees, or fees based on the size of your portfolio. Rates and services can vary, so it could make sense to shop around before choosing a financial advisor.

Some financial advisors are paid commissions by insurance companies and investment firms for selling their products. This is a major conflict of interest. Under this scenario, advisors may be paid to funnel your money into mutual funds or other financial products that are not in your best interest. 


San Francisco and the Bay Area are home to some of the most successful companies in the world. But it’s also one of the most expensive places to live. A financial advisor can help you make the most of your money and keep it working to help you reach your financial goals.

By choosing a fiduciary financial advisor that works as a fee-only advisor, you should be in good hands. This list of the best financial advisors in San Francisco is a great place to get started.

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