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As a young adult, building a strong credit history is vital for a successful financial future. From securing loans to renting apartments, your credit score plays a crucial role. Fortunately, there are several fantastic products designed to help you establish credit, monitor your credit reports, check your credit score, and learn responsible credit usage. See some reviews and best-of options with some tips for comparing above and read some of pages to help you answer any questions you might have.

» What’s a good credit score?

The answer is tricky since credit scoring models and how lenders interpret the information both vary, but this page helps tells you everything you need to know.

» Why do they have so many different credit scores?

There are Vantage scores and you may also be looking at a version of your FICO score. Get to know each.

» Step by step guide to improving your credit

Learn some strategic moves, like targeting any collections owed, lowering your credit utilization ratio, and using your utility bills as a credit-building tool. Your score will start climbing!

» How long does it take to build credit from scratch?

You learned how to improve your credit. Now, how long will it take? It’s your credit and you want it now! Are we talking days, weeks, months, years?

» Helpful tips for maintaining a good credit score

Like muscles and working out at the gym, a credit score isn’t permanent after you build it up. There are a number of habits you can adopt to maintain the good credit score you’ve worked so hard to build.

» Credit score to get approved for a credit card

Most credit cards require a very good credit score and the ones you want with travel and cash back rewards typically want excellent credit. Learn what credit score do you need and how can you improve it.

» What credit score do I need for a home loan?

Your credit score will have a material effect on the interest rate and monthly payments on your new mortgage, or if you’ll even be approved for the loan at all.

» Learn how to start building business credit

A business credit score is marked on a different scale than your personal credit score, and it’s monitored by different credit bureaus as well. But is it similar to building personal credit?

» Are you wondering if utility bills help build your credit?

Sneak peak here that the short answer is likely no. The downside, however, of not paying your bills or rent can be damaging to your credit.

» Can paying off an auto loan be bad for your credit score?

Ending a line of credit can have an impact. Here’s what you need to know and maybe avoid.

Hopefully these pages and their wealth of knowledge they prove have been able to help you answer any questions you may have had on your credit score! Now you can double back and check out some reviews and our page on the best tools if you haven’t already.


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