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EverQuote review: Do they really offer cheaper rates?

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Connecting with insurance providers can be a hassle when you’re not sure where to start. Using an online insurance marketplace can align you with the right insurance agency, making the search process much easier and more efficient.

EverQuote is one way to get car insurance quotes online. They are an online insurance marketplace that allows you to compare quotes whether they are for home, auto, renters, life, or health insurance. They help match customers with the best insurance products to meet their needs.

What is EverQuote car insurance?

EverQuote began as a car insurance comparison site in 2011, and while it still leads customers to some of the best online auto insurance quotes, they have since expanded to offer multiple forms of coverage, including:

  • Home.
  • Renters.
  • Life.
  • Health.
  • Commercial.

EverQuote provides a free service to connect you to insurance carriers that align with your financial needs. They make finding auto insurance carriers fast and free without any obligation.

How does EverQuote work?

EverQuote takes the hassle out of researching numerous insurance companies and comparing them yourself.

EverQuote does the research and then matches you with the providers who offer what you need, without having to search through thousands of reviews.

To begin looking for quotes on the site, start by hovering over the auto tab at the top of the website, then select the “Shop Now” button directly below it. This will bring you to a new screen that requires you to enter some of your basic information, starting with your ZIP Code. After you enter your ZIP Code, you will need to fill out more information regarding your vehicle and all of the drivers who operate it. Below is some of the information you’ll be asked to input in order to get connected to the best auto insurance quotes in your area.


  • Your car’s year, make, and model.
  • How you use your vehicle: do you frequently commute to and from work or school, do you rideshare, etc.
  • Do you lease or own your vehicle?


  • The names of all drivers.
  • Your birth date.
  • Your primary phone number.
  • Marital status.
  • Your job title.
  • E-mail.
  • Your diver’s license status.

This entire process should not take more than 10 minutes (give or take a few minutes) to complete. From here, EverQuote will connect customers to car insurance rates that suit their needs.

How to compare insurance quotes

Once you’ve entered all of your information, the site will load the available online quotes. The top results will show the best options for car insurance quotes in your area based on the information you entered.

From there, you have the option to click and learn more about the quotes by using the “View My Quote” section online. If you cannot review the prices, visit the insurance company’s website, or call an agent if the price isn’t listed for online quotes.

There is a chance the insurance quotes provided by EverQuote will require you to navigate to the insurance websites in search of the cost. Even then, the company websites won’t necessarily provide any actual quotes without re-entering your information or calling an agent.

EverQuote provides a simple window for listing different insurance companies, but the information isn’t always provided without having to do some extra digging. You might have to speak to insurance agents to get accurate quotes to compare the deals.

How much does EverQuote cost?

EverQuote is a free online business and service that leads consumers to the insurance agency that offers the best policies for their needs.

Auto insurance companies pay EverQuote to have their quotes referred to users, so you don’t have to spend a penny using the site or waste time reading hundreds of reviews.

Car insurance quotes

Costs of actual quotes vary depending on a number of factors and the information you provide. EverQuote claims that the average cost for coverage options from their partners—for individuals considered good drivers—will be about $140 per month.

The factors that affect the price include:

  • Vehicle type. Every car insurance business uses data they review from similar vehicles to set their prices. Expensive vehicles cost more to repair, which can be a reason you are given a higher quote. It’s all based on statistics.
  • Your credit level. If you have poor credit, you will have trouble finding low car insurance policies you qualify for. This will be seen when they review your credit history.
  • Your vehicle usage and location. If the vehicle is used for business or personal reasons, your ZIP Code and where the vehicle is parked at night are factors that impact potential policies.
  • Your driving history. Few accidents and speeding tickets mean cheaper coverage.
  • The driver. Age and driving experience will influence the price range of policies.

EverQuote features

If you want to compare car insurance companies, EverQuote is a great place to start. They connect consumers to some of the best insurance companies, brokers, and agents across the nation, including State Farm and Liberty Mutual.

Insurance company price comparison chart

The selling point of the company to consumers is the ability to easily compare insurance quotes. You simply enter your data into the form and they connect you to matches online, via e-mail, or have insurance agents reach out to you by phone.

However, a majority of the negative reviews about EverQuote are from customers who struggled to get more than a couple of price estimations. They stated they didn’t like the extra required steps involved after the initial quotes.

Insurance blog

In addition to helping consumers update their current insurance, they also publish helpful articles ranging from information on different types of coverage to what to look out for when you’re in need of a new company.

Safe driving app

Although EverQuote does not currently have an app that connects you to quotes, the company offers a safe driving app that helps users learn how to drive more safely on the road. This service leans away from the main mission of the company, but it helps users qualify for discounts and better deals.

Types of auto insurance policies EverQuote offers from insurance providers

  • Liability. The most basic coverage that is required in most states and pays for accidents you have caused.
  • Collision. Covers damage if you crash into something.
  • Comprehensive. Covers damage and theft.
  • Uninsured motorist. Covers your medical bills if a driver who is not insured hits you and causes bodily harm.
  • Personal injury protection and medical payment coverage. Covers the injuries of you and passengers in your vehicle.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage. Covers rental car costs if your car is being repaired.

My experience researching EverQuote

At the most basic level, EverQuote is the middleman between customers and insurance policies. This platform saves you time because they do the research for you.

Their Business Bureau reviews are subpar, but the company has responded to negative reviews in hopes of clearing up customer complaints.

While they may not have the most glowing ratings, some customers have left positive reviews because of their ability to customize coverage options with a quick and easy system.

I would still recommend EverQuote for those wanting to get an idea of what their insurance options are. Their website offers a lot of key information for those who are searching for what constitutes a good insurance policy.

Who is EverQuote best for?

Whether you’re looking for auto insurance or home insurance, EverQuote is optimal for people who need a starting point when it comes to looking for the right coverage.

You might not get the exact quote you’ll qualify for, but it’ll give you a good idea of what companies are actually going to offer you the ballpark price you want.

Pros & cons


  • Free to use and no sign-up required — One of the biggest pros of EverQuote is its free-to-use service that doesn’t require an account.
  • Provides personalized quotes in under 10 minutes — Many users benefit from the ease of access and how little time it takes to fill out the form to get the information they need.
  • Easy start when looking for new insurance types — Many reviews knock the service for not displaying all the information it should when it comes to comparisons, but the information provided will give you an answer to all your insurance-related questions.


  • Not every company displays their prices — If you’re not a fan of phone calls, this might be the wrong platform for you. Not all of the companies that appear on the comparison chart will list their prices online.
  • Too many advertisements for insurance companies — EverQuote sells leads to agents who then solicit potential customers by e-mail or phone. Aka, you’ll get a lot of cold calls.


EverQuote started as an online insurance marketplace in Massachusetts that now offers a range of coverage types to help users improve their savings. Although insurance quotes aren’t always listed on the EverQuote website, the website remains easy and free to use for anyone looking to boost their savings on auto coverage policies.

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