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Just Play App Reviews: A Comprehensive 2023 JustPlay App Review – Is it Legit?

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to earn extra cash while playing mobile games? Look no further! JustPlay App offers an exciting opportunity to make extra money simply by playing games and watching videos on your Android device. In this comprehensive Just Play app review, we’ll dive deep into the world of JustPlay to uncover its features, earning potential, and legitimacy and compare it to similar apps. Ready to make your gaming experience more rewarding? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • JustPlay App is a popular get-paid-to platform with over 1 million downloads and an impressive 4.1-star rating, allowing users to earn rewards by playing games, completing offers & watching ads.
  • It has the potential for minimal earnings of $1-$2 per day but comes with drawbacks such as low earning potential & confusion regarding coin conversion rate.
  • Comparing it to similar apps reveals each app’s features, rewards & earning potentials – Mistplay offers gift cards, Rewarded Play gives out store gift cards, Cash Giraffe pays PayPal cash or other rewards in exchange for gems earned from various games.

Understanding JustPlay App

JustPlay App is a popular get-paid-to platform among money-making apps with the following features:

  • Over 1 million app downloads
  • A 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store, as seen in many Just Play app review articles
  • Rewards for playing new mobile games, completing offers, and watching ads
  • Ability to earn gift cards and PayPal cash

You may wonder how to gather coins and enhance your earnings on JustPlay. Primarily, there are two methods: engaging in games and viewing videos.

Playing Games for Rewards

At JustPlay, we believe in the power of fun and entertainment, so we offer a variety of new games for you to play, including:

  • Puzzle games
  • Card games
  • Word games
  • Skill-based games
  • Multiplayer games
  • Castle-builder games

To earn coins, users need to download and engage with partner games. The amount of coins earned depends on the game and duration of Play.

What about the daily earning limit? Upon your first log-in each day, JustPlay shows the highest number of coins you can accumulate. Once you reach this maximum, the coins received will significantly decrease, regardless of how much time you spend playing.

Users are rewarded with loyalty coins for spending time in the game, achieving goals, and completing offers. Examples of offers include installing other mobile games and playing until you reach a certain level, such as the popular RAID Shadow Legends.

Launching a game directly without using the JustPlay app will not record your progress; no rewards will be given. So, always ensure you launch games through JustPlay to maximize your earnings.

Watching Videos for Coins

Besides playing games, JustPlay provides an alternative method to gather coins – viewing videos. Users can earn up to 2,000 coins by watching 30-second video ads each, which can be converted to a few dollars depending on the conversion rate. Moreover, a bonus of 15,000 coins is available, which increases to 30,000 once the daily earning goal is reached.

The videos available for rewards include game trailers, advertisements, and promotional videos for all the featured games. While watching videos can be a quick and easy way to earn extra coins, be cautious of advertisements promoting cash games during your playtime on JustPlay.

JustPlay App: Legit or Scam?

Does the JustPlay App sound too promising, or does it offer a way to earn money and rewards by playing games and watching videos? The good news is that JustPlay is a legitimate and reliable app that has gained the trust of many users.

Nonetheless, acknowledge that the potential for earnings is minimal, and the coin-to-cash conversion rate could be perplexing. Users on Reddit have noted that the paid offers section of JustPlay is the most profitable, but earnings may decrease with time.

Furthermore, the reward system is unpredictable, making it difficult to estimate how much money you will earn while playing games on JustPlay. The app does not have a set coin-to-cash conversion rate, so it’s hard to determine how many coins are needed for a specific cash amount.

If you are mindful of these aspects and play games fairly without using hacks, you can have fun with the app while earning rewards.

Earning Potential with JustPlay

Although the JustPlay App won’t make you rich, it does offer a decent earning potential of approximately $1 to $2 per day. This is comparable to other gaming apps, often providing similar earning opportunities. The amount of money that can be earned varies depending on individual gameplay, the specific games played, and the reward options available.

Remember, numerous factors can influence your earning potential on JustPlay, including the conversion rate of coins to actual money, the duration of gameplay, and the available reward options. So, while you might not become a millionaire using JustPlay coins, it’s a fun way to pass the time and earn a few extra bucks.

JustPlay App Compatibility and Availability

Before downloading the JustPlay App, please familiarize yourself with its compatibility and availability. JustPlay is only available for Android devices and is not compatible with desktop devices. Furthermore, its availability is limited to certain countries, so you might need to check if it’s accessible in your region before downloading.

For using the JustPlay App on your Android device, a minimum of Android version 7 is required. There’s no specified minimum hardware requirement, so most Android devices should be able to run the app smoothly. Remember that the app is not available for iOS devices or desktop computers.

JustPlay’s Unique Payment System

An interesting feature of the JustPlay App is its distinctive payment system. Users can cash out every 3 hours during a payout window, with no minimum requirement for withdrawal. This feature sets JustPlay apart from other gaming reward apps that typically have a minimum payout threshold. However, the conversion rate of 1 coin = $0.0000125 can be confusing, as the app does not disclose the exact exchange rate of coins to cash.

Despite the confusing conversion rate, JustPlay’s prompt payment system is a significant advantage. Users can withdraw their funds every three hours, and rewards are paid out instantly. For user safety, identity verification through an in-app video is required when requesting to cash out for the first time.

Pros and Cons of JustPlay App

Like all apps, JustPlay possesses its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, the app offers a unique payment system with instant payouts every 3 hours. This is significantly faster than what is typically available with other gaming reward apps. Additionally, JustPlay provides a variety of games for users to play and earn coins, making it an engaging and enjoyable experience.

On the downside, JustPlay has some drawbacks:

  • The earning potential is relatively low, with some users reporting variability in earnings.
  • Bugs and technical issues may occur.
  • There’s limited information regarding payment processes and potential restrictions on cashing out.
  • The confusing coin-to-cash conversion rate can be a drawback for users who want to know how much money they earn.

Despite these cons, JustPlay remains popular for casual gamers looking to earn rewards while playing games on their Android devices. If you know the app’s limitations and do not expect to make a fortune, JustPlay can be a fun way to pass the time and earn extra cash.

JustPlay Support and Assistance

Are you experiencing issues with the JustPlay App? You may struggle to find a support section within the app as it doesn’t provide one. However, there’s no need to worry. You can email the support team at for assistance.

Previously, the JustPlay support team has effectively addressed user concerns by offering assistance via:

  • Email
  • Technical support and tutorial videos on their website
  • Phone
  • Social media (Facebook/Twitter)
  • In-app messenger

So, rest assured that help is just an email or message away.

Comparing JustPlay to Similar Apps

JustPlay is not the sole app that rewards users for playing games and watching videos. Other alternatives like Mistplay, Rewarded Play, and Cash Giraffe provide comparable gaming experiences and rewards. However, these apps may have different earning potentials and reward options, so evaluating each app separately is essential to finding the best fit for you.

In the subsequent subsections, we’ll examine these alternatives to JustPlay in more detail, focusing on their features, rewards, and earning potentials:


Mistplay is another popular app among mobile gamers that offers a wide selection of Android games and gift cards, including Amazon and Google Play. With Mistplay, users gain points called Mistplay units for playing mobile games on the app. These units can be exchanged for various rewards, including gift cards. To play mobile games and earn rewards, download the app and start playing different games there.

The app also employs a three-tiered points system that rewards players with Game Experience Points (GXP) and Player Experience Points (PXP). Mistplay collaborates with game developers, continuously adding new titles, ensuring users can access games like adventure, casino, multiplayer, puzzle, RPG, sports, strategy, and trivia.

The point conversion is valued at approximately 12 cents per unit, and users can gain points by playing games and redeeming them for gift cards. Mistplay offers gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, and PayPal.

Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play is another alternative to JustPlay, where users can earn rewards by downloading and playing Android games. The app provides a vast selection of games, such as:

  • bingo
  • solitaire
  • mahjong
  • Scrabble
  • world-building games

Users can earn points by playing games for a minimum duration and spending money in-app. These points can then be exchanged for gift cards to popular stores.

In addition to earning rewards through gameplay, Rewarded Play offers time-sensitive offers and push notifications for bonus rewards and special deals. With Rewarded Play, users can enjoy an extensive selection of games and gift cards, including Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe, developed by the same creator as JustPlay, is a legit cash gaming application allowing users to earn paid cash and gift cards for playing games. The app offers a low redemption threshold of $0.20, making it accessible for users who want to cash out small amounts frequently.

Users can earn gems on Cash Giraffe by downloading and playing games like:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Candy Crush Soda
  • Monopoly GO
  • Bingo Blitz
  • Coin Master
  • Empires & Puzzles
  • Match Masters

These gems can be exchanged for cash rewards, gift cards, and PayPal payouts.

With an impressive rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store and over 35,000 positive reviews, Cash Giraffe is a legitimate app that rewards users for downloading and playing games.


In conclusion, the JustPlay App is a legitimate and entertaining way to earn rewards by playing mobile games and watching videos on your Android device. Its unique payment system, instant payouts, and various games offer casual gamers a fun and engaging experience. However, the earning potential is relatively low, and the coin-to-cash conversion rate can be confusing.

While JustPlay might not make you rich, it’s a fantastic way to pass the time and earn extra cash. If you’re a casual gamer looking for a rewarding experience, try JustPlay and enjoy the thrill of earning while playing your favorite games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you make with the JustPlay app?

You won’t get rich with the JustPlay app, but you can earn around $1-$2 daily if you maximize all the opportunities it offers.

Is the just play app legit?

JustPlay is a legitimate app that offers real money rewards for playing games. Additionally, users can convert tokens earned while playing into real cash. Therefore, this app is indeed legitimate.

Is there an app that pays you to play?

Yes, mobile apps pay you to play games like Skillz, Mistplay, etc. These apps often allow you to make money online by watching ads, filling out surveys, and playing games on their platform. Rewards can range from a few cents daily to gift cards for major retailers like Amazon and Google Play.

What types of games can I play on the JustPlay App?

With the JustPlay App, you can enjoy puzzle, card, word, and skill-based games and multiplayer and castle-builder games.

How often can I cash out my earnings on the JustPlay App?

You can cash out your earnings every 3 hours without needing a minimum amount.

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