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Simple Mortgage Calculator

Our simple mortgage calculator will show your total estimated monthly mortgage payment based on: The value of the home you’re considering. Your down payment amount. … Read more

Should you ever pay a credit card annual fee?

Paying for a credit card may be worth it if the card fits your existing lifestyle and rewards you significantly more than a no-fee card. But the latter are so competitive, generous, and perk-filled that most people will be perfectly happy with a no-fee card.

Are Pokémon cards a good investment?

Now that a Pikachu has sold for $5.275 million, you might be wondering: are any of your old Pokémon cards worth anything? And should you buy some cards today as an investment? Not so fast. Despite some high-profile sales, rare Pokémon cards remain a dubious investment at best.

What insurance do you need for a leased car?

Leased cars almost always require full coverage insurance, which is a mix of liability, collision, and comprehensive. Plus, you can expect higher liability limits and lower deductibles.

What can you buy with Bitcoin?, Virgin Galactic, and CryptoExchange are among the few companies that still directly accept bitcoin in exchange for their goods and services. High-profile entities like Overstock, Microsoft, and Twitch have discontinued their acceptance of bitcoin.