Cyber Monday can be a great opportunity to save serious money on items you want. We've come up with a how-to guide aimed at helping you maximize value this season.

Cyber Monday can be a great opportunity to save serious money on any gifts you’re looking to buy your loved ones (or yourself!). That’s why I’ve come up with a how-to guide aimed at helping you maximize value this season.

Black Friday has traditionally been the major sales event every year for decades, but over the last few years, e-commerce retailers have started getting in on the fun, creating their own special shopping holiday in the form of Cyber Monday, which takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can often blur together, with many businesses offering weekend-long sales both in stores and online. In 2020, Cyber Monday sales totaled 10.8 billion dollars, and more businesses than ever saw a surge in online purchases. These record-breaking sales were emphasized by online deals, as in-person shopping took a backseat to health concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Where and how to find the best Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday 2020 – 5 Tips for Shopping On A Budget - Cyber Monday deals

The most important aspect of preparing for Cyber Monday is knowing where the best deals are located. To do so, you can visit several websites and forums that are dedicated to helping customers find the top discounts and promotions. Here are some of my favorites:

  • – While this site primarily focuses on Black Friday deals, they also have a whole section devoted to Cyber Monday.
  • Business Insider – Business Insider has a roundup of Cyber Monday deals on technology, gadgets, and more.
  • Digital TrendsDigital Trends also has a great list of big-ticket items that will be discounted for Cyber Monday.
  • Your favorite local businesses – In the age of COVID-19, more and more small businesses are turning to e-commerce in order to stay afloat. Be sure to check in with your favorite small businesses and see what sales they’re offering!

Tips for saving on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2020 – 5 Tips for Shopping On A Budget - 5 tips for saving on Cyber Monday

The sheer number of offers and sales on Cyber Monday can tempt even the most responsible shopper. Instead of going in blind and overspending, you can follow a few simple strategies guaranteed to help you buy exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

Here are some Cyber Monday shopping tips to find the best deals while still staying under budget:

Sign up for store newsletters

Nobody likes to get thousands of emails in their inbox, but if you sign up for the mailing lists or newsletters of stores you frequent and appreciate, chances are you’ll be rewarded with plenty of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and discounts.

Find the best deals before Monday

If you have a lot of shopping to get done, searching Google for an hour per item probably isn’t the best use of your time. In order to make sure you find the best prices on everything you want, it’s a good idea to check each website the week before Cyber Monday. Most businesses will announce their prices well ahead of time. This way, you’ll be able to maximize your savings and minimize the time needed to conduct research.

Collect coupons you can stack

Coupons are a tried-and-tested savings technique, and they can rack up some huge discounts on Cyber Monday deals. Some retailers allow you to ‘stack’ coupons—using more than one coupon on a single offer—meaning you can create massive savings while still getting the items you need. Look out for coupons from both the product manufacturer as well as the store you’re shopping at and put them together for the best deal.

You should also consider coupon apps that let you browse coupons and apply discount codes at checkout when shopping online. For example, Capital One Shopping applies coupons at checkout that help you save money, and also lets you know when prices have dropped on recent purchases or items in your cart. Swagbucks is another great option that lets you earn gift cards for shopping online, watching videos, and taking surveys.

Uncover the best prices using a comparison site

One of the best Cyber Monday strategies to guarantee you’re finding the right prices is to compare them online. While many companies claim to offer the “best discount” on a specific item, they’re rarely the only ones with a sale going on, and they’re not usually forthcoming about their competitors’ prices.

Instead of combing through multiple competing sites to find the best price, you can visit a comparison site that lets you view the same item from different providers and find the absolute best deals all in one place. With comparison sites like and even mobile apps (like Capital One Shopping), you can always find the lowest price before putting an item in your cart, ensuring you stay well under budget.

Check your credit card for companion discounts

Another great way to save money on Cyber Monday is to check your credit card for any exclusive offers. Many credit card providers offer special discounts if you shop through their online portal, or meet certain conditions. These discounts generally don’t interfere with other coupons and sales, meaning you could combine this with coupon stacking and achieve even bigger discounts during your holiday shopping.

And with that, let’s talk about one of the best credit cards you can use responsibly to get the best deals.

The best credit card for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2020 – 5 Tips for Shopping On A Budget - The best credit card for Cyber Monday

It’s generally not a good idea for anyone to go into debt for non-essential items. If you can’t afford to buy holiday gifts on your current budget, chances are that opening a new credit card won’t help your financial situation.

However, credit cards can also be a powerful tool when it comes to Cyber Monday sales and discounts. The best credit cards offer lucrative rewards programs and perks that you can use to your advantage (again, as long as you spend responsibly). To get the most back and save as much as possible, credit cards that offer cash back benefits are great for retail. 

One of the absolute best cards on the market right now is the Chase Freedom Flex℠.

Apply Now On the Secure Website

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ offers an enticing $200 sign-up bonus after spending $500 in the first three months, along with no annual fee. That sign-up bonus is perfect for holiday shopping because you can get $200 in cold, hard cash for buying the gifts you had already planned on buying anyway. 

Also, among their wide variety of cash back categories, there are two that make the Chase Freedom Flex℠ especially great for holiday shopping. The first is the 5% back on rotating quarterly bonus categories that you activate (max spend $1,500). For example, in the first quarter of 2022, cardholders were able to activate 5% cash back on purchases made at grocery stores (excluding Target® and Walmart®) and eBay.

In addition, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ also offers 1% back on all other purchases, so even if you don’t spend in Chase’s other cash back category options, you’ll still earn a decent return.

Apply now or read our full review of the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card.


Before you spend a penny on Cyber Monday, it’s a good idea to make a plan and draw up a budget. This can help ensure that you don’t spend more than you mean to or miss out on great deals.

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to stock up on essentials and spring for those big-ticket items you’ve had your eye on. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make your Cyber Monday shopping experience a great one!

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