Follow these top 10 personal finance accounts on Twitter to keep up with financial news, learn about money, and read advice and commentary.

Where do you go to get breaking news headlines, personal finance news and opinion, and advice and commentary on what you should do with your money — all in one place? Twitter, obviously. 

It’s easy to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. However, it can be difficult to figure out which accounts are actually worth following. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite financial Twitter accounts to follow to get you started.

They are a mix of styles, backgrounds, and financial philosophies, so you get a balanced flow of information and tons of new ideas.

1. Broke Millennial – @BrokeMillennial

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Broke Millennial

  • Follow @BrokeMillennial for – Advice on getting ahead. Lowry provides lots of information in her feed that you can apply to your own situation while learning more for the future.

Erin Lowry is a speaker and writer helping you to #GYFLT — get your financial life together. A financial and opinion writer for sites such as Bloomberg, USA Today, and Time, Lowry writes about Millennial finance topics such as investing (not “saving”) for retirement and student loan debt payoff. She’s the author of the BrokeMillennial series and a book by the same name: Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together (TarcherPerigee, May 2017).

Lowry is focused on providing actionable advice to Millennials looking to improve their finances. Her Twitter feed is conversational, as most of her writing is, as well, and she takes polls and shares links to pieces aimed to help the average person get a handle on budgeting, retirement investing, saving, and more. 

2. Forbes – @forbes

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Forbes

  • Follow @forbes for – Business and investing news and headlines. Knowing what’s going on in the larger world of finance is useful, especially when making decisions about work or your 401(k). If a wave of layoffs is hitting a certain industry, or particular stocks are skyrocketing, there could be real-life effects for you, and Forbes helps keep you informed.

Of course, Forbes is the media company/magazine known for its coverage of business news, investing, entrepreneurship, and other financial information. Forbes is well known for its definitive lists, such as the 400 Richest People in America, the World’s Billionaires List, and the Best Colleges in America.

The official Forbes Twitter account broadcasts news and headlines to 16 million followers, providing a steady stream of information about the intersection of money, politics, and Wall Street, among other things.

3. Julia Carpenter –@juliaccarpenter

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Julia Carpenter

  • Follow @juliaccarpenter for – Tweets that you know came from a real person. A lot of Finance Twitter is very singularly focused, beating the drum of “invest! Invest! Invest!” But there’s more to a full life, a life well examined, and Julia’s feed also seeks to bridge the gap between one human and another.

Julia Carpenter is a writer at the Wall Street Journal, covering topics involving money. One such column for the @WSJ is titled How Covid-19 Derailed My Financial Goals, which is a too-real subject for many of us.

She’s also the author of a daily newsletter called A Woman to Know and has written and done much work centered around the topics of women, work, and pay. Julia Carpenter and Bourree Lam (see below) also teamed up together to create a six-week Money Challenge to help you get your finances in order during the pandemic. 

Calling herself a “writer, reporter, [and] lady about town,” Carpenter’s Twitter features not only insightful links about topical personal finance stories, but also some relatable memes, humorous retweets, and not a few mildly alarming news articles.

4. Bourree Lam – @bourreelam

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Bourree Lam

  • Follow @bourreelam for – Good quality link curation of stories from across the Twitterverse. For example, if you’ve ever wondered The Real Cost Of Coronavirus Micro-Weddings or How to Think Long Term With Near-Zero Interest Rates, give her feed a follow.

Bourree Lam is the Personal Finance Bureau Chief at the Wall Street Journal. In August, she and Carpenter launched a six-week email course designed to challenge your knowledge, shape up your finances, and get you back on your financial game. 

Lam also has written for Refinery29 (including their hugely popular Money Diaries series) as well as the Atlantic, and frequently touches on topics related to work and women. 

5. Business Insider – @businessinsider

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Business Insider

  • Follow @businessinsider for – Wide-ranging business and financial news, especially as it intersects with politics and the law. Whether you need to know how a new tax law might affect your bottom line or just want to keep up with business headlines, Business Insider is a good Twitter account to add to your “following” list.

Featuring original in-depth reporting on business and finance, Business Insider is a must-follow account. New stories run the gamut from The 64 Emojis Coming to Your iPhone in 2021 to articles about mass layoffs triggered by the novel coronavirus, and nearly everything in between.

Next to their focus on finance, Business Insider touches also on politics, technology, retail, and “executive lifestyle,” which puts particular focus on the life and times of C-suite movers and shakers, which may be aspirational for you (or not).

6. Ramit Sethi – @ramit

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Ramit Sethi

  • Follow @ramit for – Common-sense advice and real-talk truths about managing your money. Follow his feed to shake up some of your core ideas about money and learn to think about it in a new way, especially if you don’t have a lot of it. You’ll learn to ask the $50,000 questions instead of the $5 questions.

Known for his best-selling book I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi has been offering solid personal finance for years. My favorite piece of advice from Sethi? Just buy the latte. No one is going broke from coffee. Stop focusing on something that will save you fifty bucks and focus on things that can save you fifteen hundred — like insurance, fees, and other big-picture things. Then you can also work on the other side of the coin, so to speak, which is increasing your income.

Sethi also answers questions from readers, shares their stories, and offers advice and personal takes on issues.

7. NPR’s Planet Money – @planetmoney

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - NPR

  • Follow @planetmoney for – Entertaining but educational looks at the forces that shape our financial world. Their Twitter feed contains links to their podcast stories, but they also share clips from their TikTok. (And if you ever thought, I really don’t need to see an NPR version of TikTok, just give it a chance. Planet Money’s TikTok boy, Jack Corbett, makes weird, surreal, fun, and somehow still informative TikToks).

If you enjoy podcasts, deep dives, and explainers, you’ll like NPR’s Planet Money. Planet Money is a podcast, and their goal is to make learning about the economy interesting. 

Here’s how they describe it: “Imagine you could call up a friend and say, ‘Meet me at the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy.’ Now imagine that’s actually a fun evening.” 

Luckily for everyone, they deliver.

8. Tiffany Aliche, a.k.a. The Budgetnista – @TheBudgetnista

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Tiffany Aliche

  • Follow @TheBudgetnista for – Inspiring words and links that will get you pumped up to live your best life and finally take control of your financial freedom. Don’t worry, the real-life advice is there, too, such as this interview with NPR where she talks about how exactly to curb your stress spending (easier said than done in a pandemic).

Tiffany Aliche is the best-selling author, speaker, and financial educator known as The Budgetnista. She’s taught hundreds of thousands of people how to manage their finances, structure their budgets, and save up for their dreams

Aliche runs the Live Richer Academy, an online collection of financial education courses, and also co-hosts a podcast called Brown Ambition. Her goal is to help everyone unlock access to life-changing information about money.

9. Michelle Singletary – @SingletaryM

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - Michelle Singletary

  • Follow @SingletaryM for – A refreshing perspective. Singletary’s Twitter feed touches on topical issues surrounding personal finance, including taxes, race, and politics, and includes links to important articles, including her 10-part series for the Post called Sincerely, Michelle. Singletary isn’t afraid to be frank about the forces that affect and influence how we all deal with money.

Michelle Singletary is a personal finance columnist for the Washington Post. Her Twitter Bio shares her take on money: “if debt were a person, I’d slap it!” 

Singletary is also an author, having written The 21 Day Financial Fast, a book about resetting your financial habits. Her method works like a juice cleanse: strip everything down to the bare essentials, then slowly add back in only the things that work for you.

10. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – @CFPB

Improve Your Financial Knowledge: Follow These 10 Twitter Accounts - CFPB

  • Follow @CFPB for – News you can use. The CFPB’s Twitter feed will tell you how to protect your finances during the coronavirus, what your rights are during debt collection, and how to avoid specific scams (among many, many other things).

Also known as, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created to help make markets and financial products work for American consumers, not the other way around. They provide resources for people to learn about the laws that affect financial products and empower them to make decisions.

The CFPB publishes guides, Q and A’s, and videos about money, especially where federal rules come into play. It’s aimed at a consumer audience, making it a useful way to learn about the legalities that actually affect things like credit cards and bank accounts so you don’t get tripped up.


If you want to expand your knowledge of personal finance, catch the latest news, be inspired, and talk to like-minded people, you can do all that on Twitter, if you follow the right people. Join the conversation and learn more about money on your journey to building a richer life. (Don’t forget to follow @MoneyUnder30, too!)

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