Green Chef Review - My Experience Using Green Chef

Green Chef is perfect for those looking to stick to a particular diet. Plus, they focus on going green. Here’s our full Green Chef review.

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  • Healthy food
  • Global foods
  • Green packaging

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A meal delivery service can save you time while allowing you to enjoy a home cooked meal. However, with countless meal delivery services on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right option for you.

Green Chef is a perfect choice if you value high-quality ingredients with meals designed around your lifestyle. The best part is that you can choose from a weekly menu of exotic meals to be delivered to your door without a run to the grocery store.

The meals offered by Green Chef range from $9.99 to $12.99 a serving. However, you can save $50 on your first order when you sign up here. Trust me, once you give Green Chef a shot, you will want to try more recipes!

What kind of food does Green Chef offer?

Green Chef210x100

Food for different diets

Green Chef offers lifestyle meals that focus on particular diets. Many of us know that the hardest part of sticking to any diet is actually finding the right ingredients to create meals that you enjoy eating. If I had a dime for every time I gave up on my diet while on a grocery store run, then I would have a few extra dollars in the bank.

Green Chef takes the difficult part of sticking to a lifestyle diet out of your hands and delivers meals that are just waiting to be cooked. If you have chosen to build a lifestyle around a particular diet such as keto or paleo, then Green Chef can help to make your life much easier.

Instead of struggling to find the right ingredients at the grocery store, Green Chef gives you these options:

  • keto
  • paleo
  • balanced living
  • plant-powered
  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • pescatarian
  • omnivore
  • carnivore

Once you have chosen your lifestyle based plan, you can rest easier knowing that the food you need will be delivered to your door on a regular basis.

Healthy food

Green Chef Meal

Not only are the meals centered around your particular diet, but also with a focus of healthy living.

The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced with organic, non-GMO ingredients that are perfectly proportioned. In fact, Green Chef is a certified organic company which can help to assure you that what you are putting into your body is good for you.

Green Chef features

You can control your Green Chef box easily

Each week, you choose from a menu of dishes. Depending on your dietary needs, the number of choices may vary. For example, if you choose the “omnivore” option, then you will have the widest variety of meals to choose from because you could eat any of the options and stay perfectly happy. However, there are still at least six options for each of the boxes each week.

You can choose meals designed to feed two or four people. The “Family Plans” are specifically planned to encourage kids to eat from these boxes.

As you plan out your meals for the month, you can select meals from the Green Chef menu. Honestly, this was the most difficult part of the experience because I wanted to try everything on the menu!

You also have the option to pause your delivery service for up to four weeks in advance.

Everything I ordered was delivered right on time without any hiccups!

Green living delivered to your doorstep

Green Chef Box

In today’s world, it is easy to assume that many companies do not have the environment’s best interests at heart. However, Green Chef has made conscious choices to create an environmentally friendly meal delivery service.

Green Chef has the policy to balance all of their carbon emissions with sustainable programs. The goal is to make the meal service more environmentally friendly than driving to your grocery store! The company works to save trees in local communities but that’s not all!

The seafood is sustainably sourced, which is a critically important way to support our delicate fisheries. Plus, all of its packaging can be recycled in different ways. Even the ClimaCell insulator and ice pack combination that keeps your food cold for the long route to your doorstep can be recycled.

Personally, being environmentally aware is extremely important to me. It is difficult to make a “green” life in this world, but Green Chef definitely helps.

Adventurous plates to transport you abroad for dinner

Green chef plate

If you enjoy trying new dishes from around the world, then Green Chef provides the perfect avenue to exotic options for the adventurous palate. One each recipe card, there is a brief description of the meal with highlights of its origin.

Although there are a few comfort food options for the more reserved palate, the majority of your meal options have a global focus.

One of the best parts about this is that they send all of the spices you need for the recipe. Instead of buying an entire spice bottle of an obscure spice for a single recipe, you can try it out in a pre-portioned meal.  

If you enjoy trying new spices but cringe at the expense, then this is a good way to find new spices you love without breaking the bank.

Easy to follow recipes

Green Chef Recipe Card

Even though the dishes have an adventurous flair, you do not need to be a master chef in order to enjoy your Green Chef delivery. In fact, I am the farthest thing from a master chef, but I was still able to prepare the meals easily.

Each recipe takes between 25 to 45 minutes to prepare. The recipe cards will tell you everything you need to know about the dish before you get started, including the calorie count. Plus, there is a section about things you will need from your kitchen to prepare the meal. I found this was helpful because it gave me time to collect all of the necessary pots and pans before I got started.

The recipe cards are complete with descriptions of each step and pictures to help you out. The pictures were extremely helpful to me!

Do not be intimidated by the adventurous recipe names. Anyone can follow the instructions to create these unique flavor experiences. Believe me, if I can prepare these meals then so can you.

My experience using Green Chef

Overall, I enjoyed my Green Chef process. For the following reasons, I’d recommend Green Chef to anyone:

Ordering was easy

The ordering platform was very easy to use. One of my favorite parts of the whole process was picking out my meals. Green Chef offers such a variety of food that it was fun to just sift through the options.

I got to try new meals

I ended up choosing meals that were as close to my comfort zone as possible. Typically, my meals are very “plain Jane” so branching out into some new flavors was interesting.

The unique flavor combinations were a bit of a shock to my palette but it’s always fun to give something new a try.

The meals were easy to make

I do not consider myself a chef by any stretch of the word. My meals involve following the same recipes I’ve followed since college. I’ve branched out from plain pasta to slightly more intricate dishes, but I still consider myself a very basic chef. With that frame of mind, Green Chef proved to me that I am capable of cooking more elaborate meals.

Although the meals were a bit adventurous for my taste overall, they were still very good. If anything, I’d just tone down the spices but that is something that is easily adjusted to personal taste with a little bit more cooking experience.

There were a lot of dietary options

I do not have any specific dietary concerns, so I chose the omnivore option which was a mix of everything. Each category of food was good. I particularly liked my gluten-free meals like the “tangy apple glazed pork chops.”

Green Chef alternatives

Green Chef is far from the only meal delivery service. Below, we have a table that compares all our favorites.

  • Rating
  • Price per meal
  • Shipping cost
  • Minimum order
  • Meal options
  • hello fresh
  • 10/10

  • Starts at $7.49 per serving
  • $6.99, first box free shipping
  • 2 meal, 2 portion minimum
  • Up to 17 new recipes every week
  • Visit Site
  • 7/10

  • Starts at $7.49 per serving
  • $7.99 for the 2 person, 2 meal plan; Free for everyhting else
  • 2 meal, 2 portion minimum
  • 8 meals a week
  • Visit Site
  • home chef
  • 10/10

  • Starts at $7.99 per serving
  • Free for orders over $45; $10 for orders less than $45
  • 2 portions per meal
  • 16 meal options weekly
  • Visit Site

Pros & cons


  • Meals for every diet — Whether you're paleo, a vegetarian, or gluten free, there's a variety of meals for you.
  • Green focus — Green Chef is the only meal delivery service that focuses on food AND the material it's packaged in. Food is reliably sourced, and the packaging can be recycled.
  • Global focus — There are tons of exotic meals to keep your meals interesting.


  • Cost — $9.99-$12.99 per serving is way more than you'd spend at the grocery store.


If you are attempting to follow a specific diet like keto or paleo, then Green Chef is an amazing option. The food offers unique flavor profiles but most importantly it keeps your health in mind. Plus, the company is dedicated to providing an environmentally conscious meal delivery option which is an added bonus.

You should remember that the Green Chef meal delivery service is not an inexpensive way to feed yourself. However, it can save you time and help you avoid high take out bills.

Green Chef promotion: Get $90 Off your first 4 boxes

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