If you’re shopping for a new home for your money, special offers can be a great way to put a little extra money in your account.

Promotions and special offers are a great way to put some extra money into your new bank account, but they aren’t the only reason to choose one bank over another. Look at all the features a bank offers to make sure your money is in good hands.

At one time, banks used toasters to attract customers. Yes, believe it or not, you would actually sign up for an account and walk out with a handy appliance you could put on your counter. Later, some banks offered clock radios to win new customers, bringing a refreshing change to a longstanding marketing gimmick.

The days of free toasters are well behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a free gift for opening an account. At any time, you’ll find a small selection of big banks offering cash bonuses as a reward for signing up. Here are a few of the best current offers worth considering.

Overview: best savings and checking account promotions, deals, and offers

LenderBest for
NovoSmall business owners
HSBC SavingsChecking and savings account holders
Citi®High opening deposit
Associated BankInfrequent ATM users
PNC BankOnline banking customers


  • Best Savings Account Promotions, Deals, And Offers - Bank NovoPromotion- Significant discounts at Stripe, Booking.com, GoDaddy, and Intuit QuickBooks.
  • Minimum amount to open an account – $50.
  • Fees – None.
  • APY – N/A.
  • Unique features – You’ll get Free ACH transfers, mailed checks, and incoming wire transfers.

Sometimes, the best offers come through partnerships. It’s a win-win for both the lender and the partners. The lender can offer you special VIP benefits, while the partner gets a chance to try to win your business.

One example of this type of setup is Novo, which offers $5,000 in potential savings. Some examples of the offers include:

  • Stripe: $20,000 in fee-free credit card processing.
  • Booking.com: 6% cash back on travel purchases when you use your Novo card.
  • GoDaddy: 30% discount on all new purchases.
  • Intuit QuickBooks: 40% discount on the first six months.

Novo is a business-geared lender, so you’ll find many of these offers are designed for small business owners. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a similar setup if you’re looking for personal banking. In fact, many bank-issued credit and debit cards offer extra points if you purchase from a rotating list of partners.

Learn more about Novo or read our full Novo review. 

HSBC Direct

Best Savings Account Promotions, Deals, And Offers - HSBC Direct

  • Promotion – $450 when you open a checking account and get direct deposits for three consecutive months.
  • Minimum amount to open an account – $1 for both checking and savings accounts.
  • Fees – None.
  • APY – 0.01% APY on the Direct Checking; 0.15% APY with the HSBC Direct Savings.
  • Unique features – HSBC makes for a great bank account for those who travel/live abroad, as they’re in 66 countries worldwide.

You may find that banks offer deals on checking accounts as a way to win your business. You can take advantage of that offer, then enjoy the great deals on their savings accounts as well.

Another bank with a great deal on checking accounts is HSBC Direct. For a limited time, they’re giving away $450 just for opening a checking account with them. You’ll have to make third-party deposits for three consecutive calendar months to get the bonus.

Then, set up your HSBC Direct savings account, which offers a $0 monthly maintenance fee and only requires you to keep a $1 balance. So even if you aren’t ready to start saving just yet, you’ll have it in place so that you can easily get started.

Once you start building savings with HSBC, you’ll benefit from a higher-than-average interest rate, which is currently 0.15% APY. HSBC keeps a lid on the fees, too, which means more money to put toward achieving your long-term financial goals.

Learn more about HSBC Direct or read our full HSBC Direct review. 


  • Promotion – Make a deposit of at least $300,000 into your new Citigold® Checking Account within the first 20 days for up to $2,000 cash bonus. The balance on your 20th day will determine your maximum eligible cash bonus. Maintain the required Minimum Balance in your eligible account for an additional 60 days from the 21st day.
  • Minimum amount to open an account – None for a checking account or savings account, but you’ll need to deposit at least $10,000 to earn a bonus.
  • Fees – No monthly service fees apply to Citigold® Checking Account.
  • APY – 1.01% on their high-yield savings
  • Unique features – You can get access to presale tickets and exclusive experiences for concerts, sports, dining, and more when you use your Citi debit or credit card.

Ready to move to a new bank? Citi® may be your best option. Make a deposit of at least $300,000, and you’ll get up to $2,000 by setting up a new checking account. Make a deposit of at least $30,000, and you’ll get up to $500 by setting up a new checking account. A $10,000 deposit will earn you a $200 bonus. Maintain the required Minimum Balance in your eligible account for an additional 60 days from the 21st day. Also, for checking offers – Your Balance must be held in your eligible Checking Account.

You can also enroll to earn points for your purchases and by linking to other accounts, like your mortgage, loans, lines of credit, and more. 

There are two different types of packages that qualify for the offer, with each providing its own benefits and features. The basic package comes with only a $200 bonus, while you could earn up to $2,000 for the higher-tier package.

One of the biggest differentiators between accounts is ATM access. While there are Citi ATMs across the U.S., you may want to check to make sure there’s one convenient to where you live and normally travel. There’s a $2.50 fee for using non-Citi ATMs with some accounts, although if you maintain a $10,000 balance with the Citi Account Package, the ATM fee is waived.

Associated Bank

Best Savings And Checking Account Promotions, Deals, And Offers - AssociatedBank

  • Promotion – $500 to new account holders who make direct deposits totaling at least $500 each during the first 90 days you have your account. 
  • Minimum amount to open an account – Varies depending on the account type you choose. Their simple account, Associated Access Checking, requires only a $25 deposit.
  • Fees – $0 – $25 depending on the account you choose.
  • APY – 0.01% for checking accounts; 0.01% – 0.15% for savings accounts, depending on the one you choose.
  • Unique features – Associated Bank prides themselves on giving back to their community – they have thousands of volunteer hours under their belt and millions towards community programs.

Associated Bank has savings, checking, and money market CDs. Currently, they’re offering $500 to new account holders who make direct deposits totaling at least $500 each during the first 90 days.

You will have a minimum opening deposit, which varies depending on the account type you choose. Associated Access Checking requires only a $25 deposit and includes most of the features you need. If you choose the Associated Balance or Associated Choice checking accounts, you’ll need a $100 minimum balance.

Before you choose an account, check into the availability of ATMs near you. As long as you have a MoneyPass ATM nearby, you’ll be covered. If not, you may want to go with Associated Choice Checking, as it includes reimbursements for out-of-network ATMs.

Learn more about Associated Bank. 

PNC Bank

Best Savings Account Promotions, Deals, And Offers - PNC Bank

  • Promotion – $200 bonus for new Virtual Checking Wallet Pro accounts after you establish qualifying direct deposits of at least $2,000.
  • Minimum amount to open an account – None, but you’ll need $2,000 to earn the bonus.
  • Fees – None.
  • APY – 0.40%.
  • Unique features – All PNC ATMs will be fee-free, but you’ll also get $20 in credits to use at non-PNC ATMs each statement period.

PNC Bank takes an interesting approach to combining checking and savings. They call it a Virtual Wallet, and you’ll get a bonus of $200. To qualify for the $200 reward, you’ll need to establish qualifying direct deposits of at least $2,000 to your new Spend account.

Your Virtual Wallet account comes with no monthly fees and requires no minimum opening deposit. You can also add a Reserve account to handle your savings and a Growth account to set up and manage investments.

PNC Bank has branches across the U.S., but you may want to check to make sure there’s an ATM near you before you choose this account. Your transactions at PNC ATMs will be fee-free, you’ll also get $20 in credits to use at non-PNC ATMs each statement period.

Learn more about PNC Bank.

Summary of the best savings and checking account promotions, deals, and offers

There are several great options to consider. This table breaks them down by offer and the minimum deposit required.

LenderMinimum opening depositOffer
Novo$50Savings and perks through partner offers
HSBC Savings$1$450
Citi®Noneup to $2,000
Associated Bank$25-$100$500
PNC BankNone$200

How I came up with this list

Although banks are always eager to win your business, they usually do so through competitive fees and rewards. Bonuses are common, but they usually have expiration dates. It’s important to keep an eye out for the latest deals and offers, as they’ll likely change every few months.

In coming up with this list, my top priority was making sure each bank was the right fit long term. Bonus offers are great, but what’s really important is what the bank can offer six months, a year, and even five years down the road. Long after you’ve enjoyed your signup bonus, you’ll reap rewards in the form of interest, cash back, and reduced fees.

The most important features of savings account promotions, deals, and offers

If you’re ready to move your money, it’s important to look for specific features in a bank account. When considering offers, here are some things to keep in mind.


You’re probably tempted to look at the amount of cash you’ll get, first and foremost. But there’s something more important than that. Look at what each bank requires you to do before you can receive the money.

Some offers are limited to those with $10,000 or $15,000 to deposit, for instance, while others require you to make a minimum number of deposits each month.

Account features

Cash is only the start. The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving, year after year. Pay attention to the features that will both save you money and make it easier to save. Perks like cash back rewards can add up over time, bringing you far more than you made on your signup bonus.

Ease of access

The internet has made online banking easy, but you’ll still want to make sure you can manage your money in the way you find most comfortable.

Does the mobile app have all the features you need? Can you deposit checks remotely? If you ever need cash, pay particular attention to the location of ATMS and, if necessary, any fees you’ll have to pay for using out-of-network ATMs.

FAQs about savings and checking account promotions, deals, and offers

Banks want your business. To stay ahead of the competition, they’ll find ways to attract customers. While other businesses can discount their products or services, banks only have fees, and that doesn’t tend to jump out at customers like a deal that has at least three figures attached to it. For that reason, financial institutions will use sign-up bonuses to convince new customers to give them a try. You’ll typically find they range from $100 to a few hundred dollars. In the grand scheme of things, though, this initial savings won’t add up like other perks, like cash back for purchases and a lack of monthly fees.
There’s nothing wrong with free money. But I’d recommend that you compare everything side by side, including bonuses and special offers. Look at this list and add a few local and online banks to your research list. Pay close attention to fees, interest rates, and any cash back rewards program. Don’t limit your search to money matters. When it comes down to it, you’ll be better able to manage your money if you have the features you need. Tools like autosave and budgeting can add up to more in savings in the long term than any bonus offer you could find.


With so many savings options, you can easily shop around and find the bank that has everything you need. Promotions and deals just serve to introduce you to a bank that likely has a host of other benefits. Thoroughly research what you’ll be getting long after you make your first deposit to make sure you’ll have your money in the right place.

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