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Text: How multiple bank accounts helps you budget.

How multiple bank accounts can help you budget

Using multiple bank accounts for budgeting takes practice, but it’s well worth learning how to do it. With the right accounts, you’ll have an easier time managing your cash flow and keeping your spending in check while maximizing the benefits of each account.

What is socially responsible investing?

Socially responsible investing or SRI is about investing with your values. You invest in companies supporting causes you believe in and don’t invest in companies taking part in practices you’re against. Find out how it works and who should do it here.

The most profitable businesses to start right now

Industries like hospitality, personal care, software development, digital marketing, IT and cybersecurity, and data analysis are expected to have the biggest growth over the next decade. If you’re thinking about starting a profitable business, these ideas — and many others — have lower start-up costs and barriers to entry than most.