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Xfinity Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Xfinity Mobile

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Top internet and cable TV providers love bundling. Combine your phone, internet, and TV services into one package and save, save, save.

Xfinity Mobile is among the big providers now offering mobile services to its customers. Running on the Verizon network, customers can get affordable monthly rates while also enjoying fast, reliable service.

But before you make the move, there are a few things to consider.

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity started as Comcast Holdings in the 1960s. After becoming well-known as one of the top cable TV providers in the country, Comcast expanded to provide internet to homes and businesses in the 1990s. The name “Xfinity” was adopted by Comcast in 2010 to expand beyond home TV and internet services.

In 2017, the company launched Xfinity Mobile, inviting existing customers to enjoy discounted cell phone service. Xfinity partnered with Verizon to run its service off of Verizon’s existing network of towers to offer the best signal strength available.

How does Xfinity Mobile work?

I’m an Xfinity customer, but I have AT&T for my wireless. I’ve never really investigated Xfinity’s mobile offerings, so I was eager to learn all about them. The site promises $30 a month of unlimited data per line for four lines.

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Before you make the switch, you can check what you’ll save by switching to Xfinity Mobile using the Savings Calculator. You’ll first specify how many lines you’ll need.

Mint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - Number of lines

Choose your data plan. Since you’re comparing your existing pricing, it’s best to input what you currently have. You can always choose a different plan if you decide to sign up.

Mint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - Data usage

Next, you’ll enter your current monthly bill amount to get an estimate of how much you’ll save after making the switch. 

Mint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - Monthly bill

According to the calculator, I can save $52 a month by switching my two lines from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile. Keep in mind I have Xfinity internet, so this is a bundled price. You will need Xfinity internet to qualify for the best rate.

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Xfinity’s pricing ranges from $30-$45 per line per month, with the lowest cost reserved for households needing four lines or more.

Mint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - Unlimited plan!

When you’re ready to get started, you can choose to either bring your own phone or shop a selection of phones.

Mint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - It starts with a phone

Xfinity offers Apple, Google, Motorola, and Samsung phones.

Mint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - Phones offered

Currently, Xfinity Mobile is offering a $25 prepaid card if you bring your own phone. You’ll simply check compatibility and, if your phone will work on the network, order your SIM card. Xfinity promises a 10-minute activation process.

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Pricing for Xfinity Mobile

If you use a lot of data each month, you’ll want to opt for one of Xfinity’s unlimited plans. The plans aren’t truly unlimited, though (most plans in the cell phone universe aren’t). A user’s data will be throttled, or slowed down, once 20GB has been used within a month.

Here’s the pricing for unlimited data:

One line Two lines Three lines Four lines
Per line cost $45/month $40/month $33.33/month $30/month
Total cost $45/month $80/month $100/month $120/month

If you aren’t a heavy data user, you might want one of Xfinity’s “by the gig” plans. These plans will automatically add more data (and cost) if you exceed your allotment for the month.

1GB 3GB 10GB
$15/month $30/month $60/month

Xfinity Mobile features

The wireless market is packed with affordable providers. Here are a few features that make Xfinity Mobile stand out.

Fast, reliable connection

Xfinity Mobile runs on the Verizon Wireless network, which consistently ranks as the fastest network. It also has the broadest coverage of all the mobile carriers. Xfinity also offers 5G access for phones that have the capability.

Bundle pricing

Xfinity Mobile is only available to the provider’s existing internet customers. However, all you have to do is sign up for their internet services and you’ll qualify. You’ll also pay less per line the more lines you have connected. The best monthly rates are available for households needing to connect four lines.


For those who don’t consistently use large amounts of data each month, a per-GB plan may work. But even if you choose an unlimited plan, you can switch to a per-GB plan at any time, then back again. You can adjust between 1GB, 3GB, 10GB, or an unlimited plan from one month to the next as your needs change.

Discounts on devices

You can bring your own device or choose from Xfinity’s selection of tablets and smartphones. There are typically deals on the devices Xfinity sells, but you’ll get a $25 prepaid card if you bring your own.

Data Saver

You can keep data usage at a minimum by using Xfinity Data Saver. With this tool, you’ll be able to easily shut off features like HD streaming and personal hotspot capabilities to keep costs low.

Hotspots available

Another way you’ll save on data usage is with Xfinity’s hotspots. Xfinity has set up more than 18 million hotspots across the country. Just input your ZIP code here to find nearby locations. Once you have an Xfinity account, you’ll just look for Xfinity in the list of available WiFi connections on your laptop, phone, or tablet and connect using your Xfinity email address and password.

My experience researching Xfinity Mobile

As a current Xfinity subscriber, I have to admit I’m intrigued by the rates. Switching cellphone providers isn’t easy, though, so I wanted more information to make a decision.

I like that Xfinity is upfront about its pricing. I am concerned about the throttling that happens once you use 20GB on the unlimited plan each month. This seems fairly standard, though, as I’ve looked around at other wireless providers. With the highest-tier per-GB price costing $60 per line per month and only giving 10GB, I could see going with unlimited.

One thing I love about being an Xfinity internet customer is the hotspots that are available. I’ve connected to them while out and about, and it does come in handy for keeping data usage low while you’re traveling. With so many other options for free WiFi available, you could find that you’re rarely exceeding the 20GB a month that puts you at risk of being throttled.

Just to give you an idea of hotspot availability, there were more than 4,500 hotspots in my suburban town. As you get closer to Nashville, the number increases substantially. Keep in mind that signal strength will vary depending on how far you are from the nearest hotspot. I’ve had to switch to data several times when I realized my connection was unbearably bad.

Xfinity Wireless Review: My Experience Researching Xfinity Wireless - Wifi Hotspots

Who is Xfinity Mobile best for?

Xfinity customers

Since Xfinity Mobile is only available to existing Xfinity customers, this one is a given. If you are happy with your current internet provider or Xfinity internet isn’t available in your area, you’ll have to consider another wireless provider.

Multi-line households

The best prices are available to households that have multiple lines. If you have three or four cell phones in your house, you’ll especially see cost savings.

Frequent travelers

With millions of hotspots and access to the fastest cell phone network, Xfinity is a reliable option for travelers. But even those who stay close to home can benefit, since they’ll be on home wireless and rarely using data. If you travel internationally, you’ll be charged more for the services you use, so make sure you compare pricing to what other carriers offer.

Who shouldn’t use Xfinity Mobile?

Heavy data users

Those with extreme data use each month may want to consider another option. The unlimited plan slows down after 20GB of monthly use. You also won’t get access to HD streaming with the unlimited plan – only the per-GB plans. If you spend most of your time on WiFi, though, this won’t be an issue.

Older phone owners

If you’re bringing your own device, compatibility is limited to mostly newer phones. Most Apple devices are supported, but only select Android models are eligible. Those in the market for a new phone may find Xfinity Mobile’s discounts on new phones make it worth switching.

Pros & cons


  • Robust network — Xfinity phones operate on the Verizon network, which is considered the fastest.
  • Competitive rates — Whether you have one line or four, you’ll find Xfinity Mobile’s monthly rates competitive with other providers.
  • WiFi hotspot access — Xfinity customers get free access to more than 18 million hotspots.


  • Xfinity customers only — Xfinity Mobile is available only to Xfinity internet customers.
  • Data throttling — Unlimited customers may see slower speeds after 20GB of data use each month.
  • Limited Android options — If you’re bringing your own device, you’ll find only a limited number of Android devices are compatible.

Xfinity Mobile vs. competitors

Xfinity Mobile Mint Mobile Visible Wireless
Average monthly price $15-$45 $15-$35 $20-$40
Coverage offered 5G and 4G LTE 5G and 4G LTE 5G and 4G LTE
Phone models supported Most unlocked iPhones, Verizon-compatible phones, most unlocked Samsung Galaxy phones, most unlocked Google Pixel devices Unlocked phones, phones compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Most unlocked iPhones, Verizon-compatible phones

Mint Mobile

Xfinity Wireless Review: My Experience Researching Xfinity Wireless - Mint MobileActor Ryan Reynolds’ mobile wireless service has gotten plenty of attention in recent years. There’s a good reason for that. Mint Mobile offers competitive rates and access to T-Mobile’s 5G network.

Like Xfinity, Mint Mobile has a device compatibility checker on its website. Your phone will need to be unlocked and, if you want 5G compatibility, you’ll want a newer device with the technology built-in. Although wireless plans start at $15 per month, that only gives you 4GB of data. For unlimited data, you’ll pay $30 a month.


Visible is a cell phone provider that offers access to Verizon’s network for as low as $25 a month. It’s a good fit for customers who know they want unlimited data, text, and calling but don’t want to pay the high cost of a plan from a big three provider.

  • Low cost
  • Party Pay option
  • Bring your phone or buy from them
  • Customer support
  • Slower speeds and an unreliable network
  • Beware of buying your phone outright
Learn More

Like Xfinity Mobile, Visible Wireless runs on the Verizon network. Visible loves customers that bring other customers to its network, though. You’ll pay $25 for your first month, increasing to $40 a month, but if you participate in something called Party Pay, you can cut that cost considerably. With four in your party, you’ll get your plan back down to $25 per month.

One of the best things about Visible Wireless is that data is truly unlimited. So you won’t have to worry about being slowed down. If you plan to use your phone as a hotspot, though, pay attention to the limits. Hotspots can only support one device at a time and are limited to 5 Mbps.


Xfinity Mobile gives Xfinity internet customers access to affordable mobile service. With Verizon’s robust network and a variety of compatible phones, you can get the same great service you’re already getting for less. Before you switch, check the availability of 5G and mobile hotspots near you to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

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