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What Tests Are Required For Life Insurance?

Medical exams for life insurance are simpler than you might expect, but they check for a range of conditions that can affect your chances of being approved – find out what you should expect before you apply.

The Cheapest Cars To Insure

Buying a car that’s cheap to insure will save you thousands over years of ownership. Which models are the cheapest to insure and which are surprisingly expensive?

6 Reasons to Shop Around for Car Insurance Every 6 Months

If you don’t already shop around for car insurance policy every 6 months, you could be losing out on a lot of savings. You can save hundreds just by having your current carrier reassess your rate to factor in your current location, marital status, depreciation, and driving record.

Paid Maternity (and Paternity) Leave: What You Need To Know

Paid maternity and paternity leave aren’t guaranteed in the U.S., so take steps to make sure your family is personally and financially prepared for the costs of having a baby. These include getting your work projects ready for your absence, saving up, and taking out a life insurance policy.