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7 reasons why you should have car insurance

Whether you’re doubting your insurance policy or are simply curious as to why it’s necessary, it’s helpful to know what you’re paying for. Aside from being mandated in most states, car insurance is a good investment because it protects you and your net worth.

8 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Auto insurance isn’t a fixed cost; there are things you can do both today and over time that will result in lower car insurance premiums. You may need car insurance, but you do not need to pay more than you have to!

Term vs whole life insurance

Term life insurance guarantees a payout if the policyholder dies within a set term, typically 10-30 years. Whole life insurance guarantees a payout no matter when the policyholder dies, and its premiums are therefore more expensive. Term is the best choice for most people, while whole is the right fit in relatively rare circumstances.