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How to avoid foreign transaction fees wherever you go

Foreign transaction fees are fees charged by banks and credit card issuers for international purchases. They’re usually equal to about 3% of each purchase. Foreign transaction fees can be avoided by using no-fee credit cards and debit cards, paying with local currency, and staying away from international ATMs.

How to choose a credit card wisely

The best new credit card for you might not be the best card for me. Here’s how to choose the most rewarding new credit card for you based upon your spending habits and your credit score.

How to File a FAFSA as an Independent Undergraduate Student

As an undergrad you are still considered a dependant of your parents for the purposes of federal aid. That means that you need their financial information when you apply for federal aid, even if they aren’t helping you go to school. It might not be fair, but that’s the default assumption. However, there are a few exceptions which we discuss here.