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Why get your auto loan online?

Applying for an auto loan for a new or used car is a fairly easy process (at least compared to getting a mortgage!) Often, the hardest part can be deciding where to start.

Almost every new and used car dealership has relationships with lenders so that after you select a car, the dealership can arrange auto financing for you. This is certainly convenient, but has inherent problems. For one, you will be on the spot in the dealer’s “business office” with pressure from the dealer’s finance manager to agree to their financing terms and close the deal. And, in most cases, you won’t get any say over which lender you pick, that’s up to the dealer.

Most dealers will work to get you the best rate possible (because they want to sell you the car), but some may present a loan with a higher APR than you qualify for. The dealer then profits the difference between the APR they sell you and the APR you could have gotten on your own. You want to avoid this.

The best remedy is to walk into the dealership armed with an approved auto loan; that way, the dealer has something to beat. If they do, great. If not, you have a loan ready to go.

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