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Best clothing rental services

There’s a delivery service for everything these days, and that even includes your clothes now! Fashion rental services are a fun way to get excited about your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Whether you need a killer dress for an outdoor wedding or want a temporary refresh to your closet for the changing seasons, renting part or all of your wardrobe is a smart strategy. There are plenty of options out there for different lifestyles, fashion preferences, and budgets. 

Overview of the best clothing rental services

Fashion rental service Best for Monthly subscription price Number of items rented at a time Expedited Dart service available?
Nuuly Monthly subscription $88 6 No
Rent the Runway Multiple membership options $89 to $199 4 to 16 No
Express Style Trial Women and men $59.95 3 Yes
Rebecca Taylor RNTD Vintage-inspired fashion $159 4 Yes
Vince Unfold Luxe-modern aesthetic $160 4 Yes
Armoire Curated looks $79 to $249 4 to 7 No


  • Monthly subscription? – Yes
  • Price – $88/month.
  • Laundry service included? – Yes.

Nuuly is a monthly subscription service that lets you choose a collection of items each month for a fixed price. At the end of the month, you can either return all of the items or pick and choose which ones you want to buy. It’s like test-driving an outfit before you commit to a full purchase. 

Each month, you can choose six items from Nuuly. Pick any combination you want, whether it’s mix and match tops, dresses, or a couple of items in different sizes to find the best fit. The monthly cost is $88, which includes shipping both ways, as well as laundry and repair services. Before your billing date arrives, you can either send everything back or choose to buy any of the items you’ve been wearing. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

So what kind of fashion brands can you find on Nuuly? The service is owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People, so you’ll find a lot of the brands you’d see in those stores. As you browse styles, you’ll see the retail price of each item and can also browse reviews and see pictures of other Nuuly customers wearing the item.

You can also save items to consider later in your online closet. Whether you’re waiting for a size to be back in stock or have a future event you want to borrow for, it’s an easy way to organize items to rent later. When you’re finished with each month’s rental, Nuuly’s return process is simple. There’s a prepaid return label included with your Nuuly bag. Once you pack up the items to send back, you just need to drop off the bag at UPS. 

Learn more about Nuuly.

Rent the Runway

  • Monthly subscription? – Yes; one-time rentals also available.
  • Price – $89 to $199/month.
  • Laundry service included? – Yes.

Best Fashion Rental Services - Rent The RunwayRent the Runway includes over 700 designers, making them one of the best fashion rental services for finding the brands you love while also discovering new ones. Plus, there are three different membership options to choose from so you can stick to your budget. And if you’re just looking for an outfit for a specific event, you can opt for one-time rentals as well.

The first subscription plan lets you rent four pieces a month for $89. However, you’re only granted “basic closet” access, which limits you to casual and workwear styles that are valued under $350. 

Rent the Runway’s most popular plan offers eight rented pieces a month for $135 with “full closet” access. You can include event wear and premium styles that are valued as high as $3,500 each and can spread out your rentals over two shipments. 

The most comprehensive plan lets you borrow 16 pieces for $199 per month. You get the same “full closet” access as the middle plan, plus you can request up to four shipments. So you can choose some basic looks at the beginning of the month, then tack on additional pieces as you solidify your calendar.

Rent the Runway doesn’t have any due dates, and you can return items and instantly swap them out for new ones. You also get one Free Fit Do-Over in the first two months, which allows you to exchange all of your items if the sizing doesn’t work out.

Learn more about Rent the Runway.

Express Style Trial

  • Monthly subscription? – Yes.
  • Price – $59.95/month.
  • Laundry service included? – Yes.

Best Fashion Rental Services - Express Style Trial

Express Style Trial provides fashion rental services for both women and men with pieces coming directly from the Express brand you know from malls. The monthly subscription costs $59.95 and lets you rent three pieces at a time. You can purchase anything you like at a discounted price compared to what you’d find at the store.

However, Express Style Trial’s selection process is a little more complicated than other fashion rental services. While you can rent three pieces at one time, you first have to fill your virtual closet with at least eight pieces before any items are shipped. The website says you’ll need at least 20 pieces selected in order to get the fastest turnaround time. 

In case you’re not sure what will show up when receiving just a few of the 20 selected items, you can prioritize the looks you want first. Notify Express Style Trial when you’re about to return something and they’ll start working on your next box. 

To speed up your wardrobe rotations, you can sign up for Dart service for an additional $7 each month. When you’re ready to return three items, your next Style Trial box will be sent the next business day for a faster turnaround. 

Learn more about Express Style Trial.

Rebecca Taylor RNTD

  • Monthly subscription? – Yes.
  • Price – $159/month.
  • Laundry service included? – Yes.

Best Fashion Rental Services - Rebecca Taylor RNTDRebecca Taylor RNTD is ideal for women who love the vintage-meets-modern aesthetic of the Rebecca Taylor brand. Plus, new styles are available to rent every week, so you can stay on top of the latest releases. 

The monthly subscription service costs a total of $159 and includes four rented pieces at one time. Rebecca Taylor dresses retail around $300 or more, so there can be a lot of value with this subscription model. With unlimited free shipping, you can return pieces whenever you want and pick new pieces to arrive.

Rebecca Taylor RNTD also uses a virtual closet system. Before your first box is shipped, you must add at least 10 pieces to the “On-the-Rack” section of your closet — although there’s a recommendation of keeping at least 24 pieces in there. You can prioritize your preferred items, but your box is subject to availability. That means you might receive something other than your top four items.

After wearing your pieces, you can choose to buy them or return them. Pop those you don’t want to keep into the pre-paid bag and notify Rebecca Taylor RNTD through your online account. All items are dry-cleaned upon return, making them fresh and clean for the next shopper.

Learn more about Rebecca Taylor RNTD.

Vince Unfold

  • Monthly subscription? – Yes.
  • Price – $160/month.
  • Laundry service included? – Yes.

Best Fashion Rental Services - Vince.unfoldVince Unfold is a fashion rental service for Vince Clothing, a luxury brand under the same company that owns Rebecca Taylor. Create your own Edit with at least 10 pieces, then you’ll receive four items to borrow for an unlimited amount of time. If you choose to buy anything, you’ll receive a discounted price.

Free shipping is included both for receiving your bag and when returning items. Plus, Vince Unfold uses USPS Priority Mail, which makes the exchange process fast. When you sign up for your first box, the processing time takes two to three business days. Then mail and delivery take between one and four days.

When your Vince Unfold box arrives, you don’t have to keep the same four items all month long. Instead, you can send back as many pieces as you’d like and swap them out for new ones. When you’re ready to send something back, notify Vince Unfold through your online account so your next box gets ready.

If you want an item to arrive more quickly, you can expedite the processing time by paying for Dart service. It costs an additional $10 plus tax and reduces the processing time to just one business day. The downside is that this extra service does not reduce shipping time.

Learn more about Vince Unfold.


  • Monthly subscription? – Yes.
  • Price – $79 to $249/month.
  • Laundry service included? – Yes.

Best Fashion Rental Services - ArmoireArmoire offers multiple subscription options, plus the ability to get professional help in curating your wardrobe capsule. The process starts off with a three-minute quiz, followed by an algorithm paired with a stylist to make recommendations. Then you choose which pieces you’d like to have delivered.

There are three separate plans based on how many pieces you rent at a time. A four-item capsule costs $79 per month, a seven-item capsule costs $119, and an unlimited capsule costs $249 each month. The first two plans allow for just one case per month. The unlimited plan lets you rent six items per case, but you can order unlimited cases within the month as long as you have no more than six pieces out at a time.

If you decide to purchase any of your items, you’ll get a 20% discount on the retail price. Armoire has a wide selection of designers, so it’s easy to get curated looks you’ll love. Think Boden, Derek Lam, French Connection, and tons more. 

When you’re done with any items you don’t want to buy, just send everything back in the prepaid Armoire bag. Dry cleaning services are included and minor repair work is also covered in all three subscription plans. 

Learn more about Armoire

How we came up with our list of best fashion rental services

We included fashion rental services for a range of budgets so that nearly anyone can find an option to fit their wallet. This list also includes a mix of services that offer a variety of designers as well as some individual stores and brands for different types of styles.

Why should you use a fashion rental service?

You want to save time and money on clothes

Using a fashion rental service makes it easy to shop for looks you love right at home, especially if you already have an idea of your sizing with specific designers. It can also save you money by paying a monthly flat rate for a few pieces rather than regularly purchasing full-price looks that you may only wear for a season. 

You want a designer outfit for a one-time event

Designer eveningwear can be expensive, especially if you’re only going to wear the outfit one time. A fashion rental service lets you get the designer look without paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars, just to have it hang in your closet until you decide to consign it.

You like to explore different designers

It’s fun to browse different designers through a fashion rental service. And if you have one brand that you love, they might have their own rental service as the trend continues to grow. 

You have a small closet

A fashion rental service saves you space because you’re not storing clothes for all seasons and events for the entire year. That way you can devote most of your space to your staple wardrobe items, then swap out extra rental pieces as you rotate. 

Why shouldn’t you use a fashion rental service?

You need an outfit fast

Most fashion rental services require a few days to process your order, plus an additional couple of days to ship. And even if you do think the estimated delivery date looks reasonable, any postal service delays could mean you don’t get your outfit in time for your event.

You don’t have room in your monthly budget

A fashion rental service can save money if you regularly buy a lot of clothes. But no bargain is worth it if you simply don’t have the cash to cover the costs. 

You fall in love with every outfit

If you end up buying nearly every outfit you rent, you could end up spending more on clothes than you did before. Be sure you can exercise some self-restraint before you sign up for a fashion rental service.

Most important features of fashion rental services

Shipping time

Every fashion rental service differs in when they ship your subscription box and how long it takes. Take a look at processing times, how to notify the service that you’re returning items, and if there are any fees for expedited shipping.

Purchase discounts

If you plan to use your fashion rental service as a test drive for future purchases, find out how much of a discount you can expect. Compare that to the cost of the subscription service and how you plan to balance both renting and buying.

Available designers

Before choosing a fashion rental service, make sure you actually like the clothes that are available. You can typically browse the designers and preview available looks. Or consider choosing a service that just gives you access to your favorite brand if you’re loyal to one specific style.


Fashion rental services make it easy to explore different designers and styles without having to buy countless looks for your permanent wardrobe. These picks are a great starting point for anyone considering a rental service for the first time, or if you want to switch from one service to another and try something new.

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