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Visible review: read this before you sign up

Visible by Verizon is a cell phone provider that offers access to Verizon’s network for as low as $25 a month. However, before you jump onto this plan, it’s worth checking out the specifics.

In this Visible review, we explore their low-cost, unlimited cell phone plan — so you can decide whether it’s worth making the switch.

About Visible

Visible is a wireless cell phone provider owned by Verizon, and runs on its parent company’s network.

Visible Logo

It was founded in 2018 and is therefore still a relatively new wireless carrier. Yet, despite being a newer provider, Visible has been noted as an innovative company with a lot of potential that supports both Apple and Android.

Visible plan

Visible only offers one plan: a prepaid phone plan for in your first month, and $40 per month after that.

Given that the plan includes unlimited text, unlimited talk, and unlimited data, those prices are a bargain. You also get unlimited data sharing through a mobile hotspot and call and text to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What’s the catch?

With an unlimited phone plan at such a low rate, it’s only natural that there’s a little compromise. For a Visible customer, that means compromising on having a reliably fast connection.

Visible does not technically have any high-speed data limits, but its 4G LTE speeds are capped at somewhere around 8-12Mbps. Essentially, since it’s a Verizon company, if there is an abundance of Verizon subscribers in an area, they get the faster connection, and Visible phone service users will face throttled speeds.

Visible pricing

What makes Visible so attractive is its pricing. As mentioned, the cell phone provider’s singular plan costs $25 your first month and $40 per month for each month after.

There’s also a referral bonus option: if you refer a friend, that friend will pay $5 for their first month of service, and you’ll get $5 off your next month.

While this already made for a very affordable phone plan compared to other providers, in 2019, the company introduced another way to save: Party Pay.

What is Party Pay?

The Visible Party Pay group discount lets you save on your monthly bill when you “join or create a party” — linking your line with one to three other people. Similar to a traditional friends and family plan, grouping your line means savings for everyone.

However, unlike traditional family cellphone plans, with Visible Party Pay, you don’t have to split data, minutes, or text — everyone still gets their unlimited plan allowance of these elements. You don’t even have to share payments or a bill.

All you must do is associate with at least one other line, and you’ll benefit from the savings. This makes it easy to create a party with anyone — Visible even has a community forum and subreddit where members find other members willing to become part of a party.

For each member in a party, your monthly bill drops by $5, up to a party of four members. The pay structure looks like this:

  • One member: $40 per month.
  • Two members: $35 per month.
  • Three members: $30 per month.
  • Four members: $25 per month.

But as good as this sounds, there are some aspects to consider about the Party Plan option before jumping in.

What’s the catch?

Even though everyone pays for their services, everyone in the Party is still somewhat liable for each other’s actions.

If someone leaves the Party and you don’t add another member before your monthly due date, your monthly phone service amount increases by $5. Likewise, if someone misses a payment, they have 48 hours to make that payment before they are removed from your Party, and everyone else’s monthly bill increases by $5.

Therefore, it’s important to form a Party only with people you trust to make payments on time and not abruptly leave, or else you’ll suddenly see your monthly bill increase.

Visible: how to get started

You have the option of either bringing your own phone or purchasing one from Visible and paying it off as part of your monthly plan. Visible’s phones include popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and TCL.

If you choose to bring your own compatible phone, you can order a SIM that will arrive in one business day. You then create an account with your information. Once you get your SIM card, insert it into your phone and connect to the Verizon network. You should immediately be able to start using your phone from there.

Visible customer service

Since Visible is an online-only company, you unfortunately can’t pop up in a physical store to ask for help or make other inquiries. Visible doesn’t even have a phone line that you can call to talk to an agent.

Instead, the best way to contact them is through online chat via its website or phone app.

Unfortunately, many users complain that Visible’s customer support isn’t the best. They currently have a 1.6 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot, and its customer service is called out in numerous reviews.

Pros and cons of Visible


  • Low cost — At $40 per month for unlimited everything, Visible is great value if you’re looking for a low-priced cellphone plan, especially considering the additional ways that they offer to save.
  • Party Pay option — The option to save $5 for every person you add to your party is a pretty good deal and can make a huge difference in your phone spending.
  • Bring your phone or buy from them — With a decent selection of mobile phones, you can find what you’re looking for or bring your phone of choice.


  • Customer support — More users than not agree that Visible’s customer service is not up to par compared to other cell phone providers, and Visible only offers one way to contact them: online chat.
  • Slower speeds and an unreliable network — You may end up being lucky and never have trouble with the network or download speeds, but your plan does not include high-speed internet, and Verizon prioritizes Verizon customers when it comes to their network coverage.
  • Beware of buying your phone outright — With Visible, you essentially get what you pay for, which means there’s a chance you may have trouble with your service at some point. If you’re fed up with your service but bought your phone in full from Visible, you may end up being locked in for several months before you can leave.

Visible vs. competitors

Visible faces competition from a slew of low-cost cell phone carriers. Here’s how it compares to two of the most popular ones.

  Visible Mint Mobile Boost Mobile
Monthly price range $25 in your first month; $40 per month after that $15-$30 $10-$60
Plan options One plan: unlimited talk, text and data Unlimited talk and text; 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, or unlimited data Unlimited talk and text; 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, or 35GB data
Coverage offered 5G and 4G LTE 5G and 4G LTE 5G and 4G LTE
Network Verizon T-Mobile Sprint

Mint Mobile

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans - Mint Mobile While many mobile providers offer month-to-month pricing, Mint Mobile sells its services in “bundles,” which means you’ll need to purchase at least three months of service. The more months you buy, the more you save. Plan prices range from $15 to $35, depending on the data package you choose and how many months are in your bundle.

One thing to note is that you have to pay for your package in advance. That means you won’t have the option of paying monthly.

Boost Mobile

Boost MobileMint Mobile Review: My Experience Researching Mint Mobile - Boost Mobile promises plans starting at $10 a month, although unlimited data plans start at $50. But it’s important to point out that Boost Mobile has been accused of throttling unlimited plan holders after a certain amount of use. You may find your performance slowing if you’re a heavy data user.

One benefit of Boost Mobile is its monthly plans. You can pay as you go, and Boost Mobile even rewards you with discounts for making consecutive on-time payments.

Bottom line

The phone bill savings with Visible can be significant, especially considering that an unlimited plan runs you upwards of $100 per month. This is what makes Visible so attractive. With just one, simple plan on offer, and options to further save on your phone bill, this cellphone provider seems too good to be true — and in some ways it is.

Although some users enjoy Visible and everything they offer for the price, choosing Visible does come with some compromises. Before you commit to making the switch to Visible, make sure you check out the numerous Visible reviews on TrustPilot or with the Better Business Bureau, to see what current users are saying.

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