Almost anybody can earn more money with a side hustle: babysitting, catering, coding, etc. Question is: Why aren't you doing it already?

Everyone wants to earn more money, right?

Of course, who wouldn’t?

But let’s ask a different question: Will you earn more money this year?

If the answer is a definitive yes—great! Maybe you landed a new job, negotiated a significant raise, or got yourself a side hustle.

If the answer is no—why not? What’s your excuse?

I read a Lifehacker piece recently about why you might not want to follow financial advice when you’re broke. The reason? So much financial advice assumes that you have money, you’re just using it wrong—spending too much on food and not saving enough.

But what are you supposed to do if you don’t have enough money to begin with? You’re not squandering $500 or $1,000 a month on unnecessarily luxuries, you’re paying your rent, your utilities, and your student loan, and you’ve got $200 left to buy some combination of food and anything else you might need in the course of the month.

Of course, saving a little is better than saving nothing. Even $50 a month is a good start, but if you literally only have a couple hundred dollars with which to eat and buy other necessities, trying to save isn’t realistic—You’re going to need that money sooner rather than later.

Side hustle—a new name for an old trick

As I’ve explained before, I truly believe finding ways to earn more money in your twenties is the answer to a lot of our financial issues.

To be clear, I’m not talking about get-rich-quick schemes. I’m talking about concrete ideas that anybody with a bit of drive can implement and supplement their income.

If you have the skills and desire to start a side business, great—you have the potential to earn a ton more. If not, that’s fine—there are plenty of ways to earn money on the side as an employee, too. Moonlighting has been around as long as underpaid jobs (forever). But the idea is so popular these days that it has a new name: the side hustle.

My side hustle story

Years ago I was in this exact situation. I didn’t earn a ton of money but I had been buying whatever I wanted on credit cards until I finally maxed out and had to come face-to-face with reality (and my very expensive mistakes).

Paying off my debt based on my current income alone would’ve taken a lifetime. And that’s assuming I could manage to keep paying down my debt without turning back to credit for unexpected expenses.

I had a choice: Accept that I would be broke and indebted indefinitely or figure out a way to earn the money I needed to pay it all off.

I choose option two. Rather than trying to pinch pennies I worked nights and weekends at Starbucks, I found a new day job that paid more, and I began blogging (and teaching myself how to leverage a blog to earn income online).

Between these three sources, within a year I had doubled my annual income. And by keeping my expenses low, you can imagine how quickly that enabled me to pay off my debt.

I had gone from the prospect of being in debt for a decade or more and instead I was free and clear within three years. There are, in fact, many side hustles that can make you a lot of money; definitely worth thinking about.

Take action or make excuses, it’s up to you

We all make excuses every day. I’m no different. I eat junk I shouldn’t, skip workouts, and procrastinate on stuff. And behind every poor decision, there’s an excuse.

It’s easy to make excuses for earning too little money—we blame our employers, we blame the government, or say things like “It’s just the way it is. English majors don’t earn much” or “I can’t find a job in my field, so I’m resigned to not earn much.”

Now, of course there are external forces that influence our situations. When we make excuses, this is where we focus. But when we take action, we focus on the things we can control.

If you’re reading this blog because you want to have more money and create freedom for yourself, here’s what I encourage you to do:

Leave a comment and share:

  1. One thing you want to do this year to earn more money. It could be picking up catering gigs on weekends, asking for a raise, or starting a freelance business. Maybe it’s something crazy — even better!
  2. Why you haven’t done it yet. What’s holding you back? Are you taking steps towards earning more right now, or are you waiting for some reason?

Whatever it is—big or small—share one way you’re going to earn more money this year.


Side hustles—whether that’s working a second job or starting your own business—offer a way to make extra cash when your full-time job just isn’t cutting it.

You can make excuse after excuse, or you can spend those nights you’d be at home watching TV doing something that will actually make you some money…it’s your choice!

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Charnisse says:

I am a current MBA student, so my goal this year is to create a blog about the life of Adulting. It could serve as a guide on how to overcome the struggles and tribulations while succeeding. I am just starting out so, it will be a little increase but eventually it will generate more income.

Linda Blakey says:

Im sorry I have a lot of health problems I and I m alone I been trying to get a job online for over 3 years

Living Free says:

How long does it take for your blog to make a full-time income?

Jess says:

I am going to grad school to get an MBA! Can’t believe I got into the school of my choice after studying for six months for the GMAT. Technically I will not earn more money yet, but one day soon! I also am planning on starting my own website, not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I must get it started first! Starting is half the battle.

Thanks for the great article.

Laylay says:

I already pick up a side job catering as often as possible. It just seems impossible to make enough money to reach my financial goals. I’m still paying off some debt, dream of going back to school to get my degree…but there just isnt enough money for it all. I’m so tired of living paycheck to paycheck…

ndemi says:

Great ideas though not that easy to practice most of them

Kizzy says:

I’m 19, Im lazy not really motivated about working my whole life, and I want to absolutely do something in Culinary but i don’t want to have to spend more years in school. I want to begin working immediately.

Kyndra says:

I know how you feel. I really dislike college/school. A know a lot of young people that cook and cater. Out of there own homes. try advertising some of your dishes on social media. Start taking pre-orders or orders for lunch/dinner plates. Just wanted to give you some motivation, this can get you started.

topumasum says:

Here is why i’m still unsuccessful…
i’ve been applying for full time and part time jobs for the past year but all came in rejections and still applying. i am not lazy, i’m constantly tweaking and fixing my cv and cover letter. i even started volunteering which is basically wasting my time. but i am not giving up…so tell me…i’m not being lazy, i’m not giving up so why the hell am i still broke? no body is giving me a decent waitressing job for god knows what reason, let alone a full time job. do i have to blame myself then?

JR Embrey says:

Probably because you feel that vital activities like volunteer work is wasting your time. Who would hire someone with that attitude? Not me.

melanie says:

This year i am going to start a successful blog and pick up some side housekeeping jobs . I really want to make to make a change in my life.

C.B. says:

This is a touchy subject for me…..because I’m embarrassed by my stupid behaviour towards money (because I know better but can’t keep the spending habit off). You see I’m lucky enough to have a very stable job with an excellent salary for my level of education (I have a high school diploma but only 3 years of college and no degree). I market myself very well though as I went to mostly private schools all my life (I’m very good with interviews and sound and look very professional). So you know, decent job/salary, I own a small condo (which I bought at age 24) I have a car that’s less than 3 years old (bought it brand new in 2013) and all in all, I would appear to be doing good. But really I’m living pay check to pay check and have amassed enough debt to be uncomfortable with my finances and enough so that I don’t have a buffer and can’t really save right now. The solution would seem simple, get a side hustle. But here lies my problem. I work over 40 hours a week and my job is mentally exhausting. By the time I get home I’m drained and just want to relax. I also use my free time hanging out with friends and spending time with my boyfriend when he doesn’t have his kids with him (he has shared custody and a weird schedule so we spend two nights together every two nights or so). And this is going to sound weird but for some reason, the fact that I’ll be turning 30 soon is sort of making me feel like I don’t want a side hustle like working in a coffee shop or babysitting. I did all that as a teenager and feel like this would be regressing somehow. And it drives me insane because I know that if I just sucked it up for a year or so, my debt problem would be gone. I feel like if I could find something online I could do in the comfort of my home in my own time, it would be perfect. Anyway, I gotta kick my own butt here if I want to change things around. I’ll keep checking out your tips and maybe soon I’ll take a leap.

Jenna says:

Try teaching esl teaching online!

Kathryn says:

I want to sell trinkets at fairs and festivals. What is stopping me is fear and indecisiveness on the item. But I think if I just go for it, I will figure out what sells best. I just don’t want to waste money in the process.

KB says:

I don’t really know what to do as my side hustle. I don’t really have any outside hobbies or strong passion for anything to make money off of.

Den says:

Am only beginning to analyse my skills and trying to identify the best side hustle.

sean mckevitt says:

when you say “I began blogging (and teaching myself how to leverage a blog to earn income online.)”
what exactly do you mean ?
are there an free blogsites and if so , what is the best one ?

Sean mck

Speedro says:

I found myself unemployed almost 2 years ago due to development of mold illness. I worked full time in a hosiery millcriddled with moisture and mold. I started out being angry cause the loss of my paycheck hurt a lot. Through my sickness and yes I have been very sick I started honing my creativity. I dabbled in making paper jewelry, loom knitting and abstract art. I posted some of my work online and got a lot of interest. I toyed with starting my own crafting business.

Now to explain why I am in a stagnate standstill. My husband has recently been a victim of bullying and discrimination where he works. He has been penalized days off on his job because he has health issues. Of course they make it out to be something else, but we know what they are doing. I continue to remain home bound because of mold. Being outside any length of time makes me very sick. Like most mold sufferers modern medical doctors don’t believe the tirad of symptoms and misery we sufferers endure. I have not been able to gain employment, I don’t have the money to start my dream business and my husband’s health is deteriorating rapidly too. We have no retirement saved and we barely live.

We have no retirement saved because for 13 years I stayed home to raise our severely autistic son. All our time, money and energy was put into giving him some kind of quality of life. We were told when he was 5 to institutionalize him. I could not do it. He was and still is our only child. I would not place him and just walk away and pretend he was never born. So, we decided to do our best to raise him. He is now almost 23. At age 13 he was so aggressive, I was beyond exhausted because he never slept I had to painfully decide to place him in a group home. Honestly group home placement in his early teens was a nightmare. There was a lot of negligence and uncare for him. My heart broke daily. When he became 21 we had to move him to an adult home. Thank God it is a wonderful home and he is treated with dignity and respect.

Now with all the above said my husband and I suffer for the sacrifices we have made. Society has judged us for choosing to care for our disabled son and me foregoing a career so we could have some financial stability. Now the toll has been taken. We are middle adged, worn down, broke in every sense of the word and not in the best of health due to no fault of our own.

I am at a loss. I have searched everywhere nook and cranny trying to find a way to help us be more financially independent. We are sinking and fast. I really fear if things don’t soon improve we will be on the streets. We have nowhere to go. If that happens ai won’t live long with this mold illness. I broke down yesterday out of pure frustration. I feel like my back is against the wall and we are desperate to help ourselves from becoming another statistic. I have no other ideas. I do not know what to do.

Good voice says:

I see life experienced you very hard but don’t lost your hope for better life. Remember hope is not key to succes. You have to do actions. When I say action I mean everything, small or big. It can be helpful book that will change your point of view, it can be talk with the closest person. If you believe in something (religion/God) maybe try to let this believe go into your life. It helps a lot when you can see bigger sense in every action.

For example couple years ago my mom didnt pay all taxes and country put fee on her. Amound of fee was 50 000$. She believes in God so when it was moment for nerves and panic, she just said “I didn’t some illegal things, but Gods gave me chance to atone for it on the Earth. That thinking keeps her mood high everyday so she can do wise decisions everytime the situation needs it.

Don’t get me wrong because this anwser is not incitement to believe in anything. My mom was wise person all the time and she never had problems with money but when I used to be broke and totally demotivated she always explained me which “tricks” helps keep her mood high.

Word from me is, if you can do it find good mental coach because his job is about take off every of blockades which are in your head. Those blockades can’t let you movin right in life expecialy if it’s about money. If you will be 100% honest with that person effects will be faster than you wish. Trust me.

Hope you and your husband will get better and better. Remember noting happens without reason because world is one BIG net of events and even if you will do simple smile on the street to stranger, it may turn his whole day into a better day.

PS Sorry for my English but im from Europe.

Angelina says:

I wish I had advice to offer, but I just wanted to offer my prayers and good thoughts to you. We are in a similar situation and have given all to care for our sons with Autism. A lot of people just write us off because they labor under some delusion that the government is paying for all of this, and nothing could be further from the truth! We are also harshly judged for not shoving our kids aside and clawing our way to the corporate top to secure ourselves. We are not well either, and have just started to talk about how we can embark on some kind of rehabilitative journey for ourselves while we continue to devote our lives to our kids. I have to agree with what the above poster said about doing just one thing. We brought an exercise video and we are going to do it together. It seems so small, but I know it will help. I’m just a little more hopeful…sometimes lol. Find out whatever you can about how to help yourself with mold issues. Maybe some alternative stuff that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. There are so many things we are trying to manage on our own because we have become defeated waiting to pay for them. I really do know how paralyzing, bankrupting, and isolating caring for someone on the spectrum can be. Sometimes there are smaller craft venues that you can participate in. You may have to wait before turning a profit, but you will. I used to build furniture using free plans from Ana White, and I would lament not having building material money sometimes. Then, there was a lady who commented on the site one day that she had to sell two or three pieces of the furniture she built before she could build just one for herself. That changed my perspective and I could begin to see the furniture one board and screw at a time. I really do hope you find a blessing that will help you out of your situation.

Sioux Blanchard says:

If your home is consumed in black mold, you & your husband need to pray, that God will send you a helper to wash the inside of your home’s windows, doorways & walls with that which destroys mold throughout your home or move. I was a resident manager & security of a indoor/outdoor storage facility for 10 yrs. The trailer I lived in had issues with mold the last 2 yrs I held my position. I eventually moved out of it, but before I did I had breathing problems to the point I had no energy to cook food or care for myself properly. I coughed for a solid 3 yrs. Lost 57 lbs in 8 months. 6 months ago God said to pick up some Organic Chia Seeds, during a food shopping errand. I had just been diagnosed with a Head & Chest Cold and Bronchitis. The Zpac given didn’t make me better, but the Chia Seeds knocked a sickness that easily could have been much worse for someone with only 1 & 1/3 lung. I was dragging butt big time from being sick for so long. Chia seeds in my juices, soups, salads, sandwiches had me running up & down the stairs like a teenager. I haven’t stopped taking them, my spirits are always up, I’m also cough & wheeze free, for the last 9 months, 🙂 No sicknesses at all. 🙂
Look up the businesses that remove mold from a person’s home, pray for each one, with the guidlines, A free service by God loving people, who do a free service once a month. Or even a half off sale that will allow you to make small payments. Or a church that has a group of people who will wash down your doors, windows & walls for free. A free service for people too sick to do it themselves. Look up ‘In Home Health Care’, in your town/City or State. Otherwise if you stay in your mold infested home, it will only make your health worse, not better. Check out the Salvation Army in your area. They may also have people like a group that comes into your home to rid your home of mold. Cover all this in prayer and let God lead the way.
You must first get well, to have the energies to work anywhere. Start with Prayer & Chia Seeds in your juice. A little Chia seeds go a long way. Look up Chia seeds online to get the best prices. I live in Northern California, the price per pound here is $2.99-$14.99 depending on which store you shop at. They have a light nutty flavor. High in Omega’s 3, 6, & 9.
Find something you enjoy sharing on a blog. Go to these sites to gain more education on how to operate a Successful blog:;;; Pray for like minded people to come & help you, with household chores so the 2 of you can get the healing rest you need to recharge your batteries & get back to living. Praise your God for bringing all you prayed for to accomplish, as it comes to pass. If your God doesn’t seem to be listening, mine is for all, his name is Jesus. I too will cover you in healing happiness, loving grace & financial stability. Praise Jesus for your faith has healed you both & removed the burdens from your hearts & souls. PS. If someone comes by and offers you help for free, Ask if you can pray with them in giving Thanks be to Your God. If they are not interested in praying with you, Make sure you know them before letting them help you.

Bee Flack says:

Full time focus on your family’s health. It’s not easy to eat well when finances are limited – or so one would think but it can be done beautifully. I recommend a book, Life Unburdened, by Richard Morris. It’s an autobiography by a guy who turned his life around by changing the way he ate and lost a lot of weight. It’s a simple read. I have no idea whether weight is an issue but what I love about the book is how he chose to change his life and how healthy be became. Your dear family is suffering from ill health and until you feel better it’s hard to do much else.

Claire says:

I can feel your stress and anxiety. I’m sure there will be a way, don’t lose hope.

Carolynn says:

•One thing you want to do this year to earn more money.
Photography. I want to earn money on the side with wedding shoots, commercial building shoots and senior pictures. If I get to a point where the money is good, I want to finally quit my job.
•Why you haven’t done it yet. What’s holding you back? Are you taking steps towards earning more right now, or are you waiting for some reason?
I have made some progress. Reached out to a local company and she was nice enough to take me under her wing and guide me. I’ve even been on about 10 wedding shoots, but I need to take some classes to really know what I am doing.


Tudi says:

I am a believer in a side hustle. I am in that situation and clawing my way out of the hole
My full time job is in education, but I have a few side hustles. I face paint and twist balloons, and also am a natural hair stylist. My problem is growing the hustles into something more marketable. My full time leaves little time to pursue this endeavor as seriously as I would like, but if I found a way to make it pay, I would make that the full time. I love it!

ikomrad says:

1. I’d like to tutor, create a Web application to draw people in and get ad money, or maybe drive for Uber, something with flexible hours.
2. I work full time ( actually 50 hours is normal , salaried ) and I’m on call 24/7 since there isn’t anyone else with my skills at my current job. It’s great job security but it means even vacation isn’t vacation. Having side hustle where I need to be at a certain place at a certain time ( such as a part time job ) would not work. I haven’t found a way around this but I’m not going to give up!

J.S says:

I’ve read this article twice and each time it motivates me to brainstorm and start a side hustle. My hindrance would be my 3 children, ages 5, 3 and 1, and my husband being an active duty military member. I substitute teach 3 days a week and I’m currently enrolled in a masters program for special education but taking a break at the moment. Living in a military town doesn’t offer many jobs near but at least 35+ miles away. I know there’s a way to conquer this. Just need advice. Thanks!

Ben says:

Great article, I’ve been working a fairly ‘steady’ side hustle for almost a year now. I think the key to a good side hustle is to have it be something fun. Most of us work pretty hard at our regular 9-5, so having a fun side hustle really makes it worthwhile. I work a couple of days each month at a local brewery, and work as a bartender during our tours. It’s a lot of fun, I get to meet people, get a beer or two, and make a little extra money. That extra $100-$200 each month goes straight into my travel fund!

Crystal Lee says:

I’m a freelance designer. Its hard for me to find a steady hustle because I don’t keep regular hours and am often going out of town for 1-2 weeks at a time to do gigs. Things like task rabbit or network marketing fit better in my lifestyle but are a lot of work to make $ at. Scanning Craig’s list takes up time do to all the spam you have to sift threw. Getting a job at starbucks isn’t an option (I don’t think) due to my frequent traveling out of town for work. (Usually once or twice every other month) Do they have on call people? Are there options out there I haven’t thought of!?

Anabelle says:

I will keep it simple. I want to earn more money doing something during the day, haven’t got too creative yet but a friend suggested walking dogs near the uptown part of our city where people are usually at work and busy during the mornings. I also want to open my won Juicing bar, but that’s another story.

The reason I haven’t put forth any energy into either of those has been mainly because of fear. What if it doesn’t work. I don’t have startup money to do the Juice bar… so maybe i’ll have to save for years until I can get there. Either that or stubmble upon an extremely generous investor.
On the dog walking gig, I was scared that I don’t have much experience doing this at all, but I am very passinate about dogs.
Bartending, Waitressing, and teaching dance in the evenings were my other options.
Mostly my fears are from not having money to start something I truly love, or enough experience to back me up!

Hey Anabelle!

Read up on the internet about how to train your dog to walk nicely – maybe read a dog training book – then sign up at the local dog shelter to volunteer to walk the dogs for practice. You can make yourself an experienced dog walker in less than a month for very little money!

Also, you’ll develop connections at the dog shelter to help you find clients.

Follow your dreams!
Good luck!

Megan says:

I want to get a job as a trip leader for Outward Bound or the like. I am working on it now! What i am really working on is debunking the belief that doing what I love won’t earn me much money.

Jeromie says:

Love this concept! Building wealth requires cashflow: income minus expenses. Cutting expenses is only half the equation – increasing income is just as important.

One thing I’m doing this year to increase income is helping host a meetup for people looking to start side hustles. By taking initiative and helping others pursue their own dreams, I’m hoping to expand my own tribe as well. One of the best ways to gain followers is to add value.

Thanks for the post!

lenn says:

I’ve worked different side hustles for four years now to pay off huge debts, including two full-time trucking gigs at the same time. After that I slowed down and waited tables and bartended part-time while I kept my main trucking job. I’m still not out of debt yet, but I got married, own a condo, bought two vehicles, bought my wife a ring, and we have two vacations planned this year.

My advice is put your head down and do whatever it takes. I go on kijiji and there is always hundreds of jobs. I even helped a guy install blinds for a summer for great cash and it was a lot of fun. Be open to do anything and have a strong work ethic, and you will be amazed how far you can come in 2-3 years.

teresa says:

Finding something that ensure success even after putting in the work…I have tried things, putting in the investment and then it falls through. I don’t mind the hard work. I want to know it will pay off.

This year I’m going to finish my PhD (or die trying)! And then I’ll start a real job (TBD), which will pay 2-5x my current stipend. It’s going to be amazing!

Oh, and I want to make more money from my blog, though that won’t compare to the FT income. I have just dipped my toe into monetization and next year I want to earn enough to pay for my trip to FinCon14.

amanda says:

just got a part-time job in addition to my full time job! bye, bye laziness!

David Weliver says:

To the parents reading: I recently read somewhere that there should be a disclaimer on all blog posts out there about time management, career, earning more, etc. that says “*Does not apply if you have kids!”

As a dad now myself, I totally get it: being a parent significantly limits the hours and energy you have to devote to other pursuits. That said, I don’t think being a parent (even a single one) and having a side hustle are mutually exclusive. I’ll explain in upcoming posts!

Maria McCullough says:

I’m a single mom, working full time. Lack of time mostly, no family in town, and lack of extra money keep me from making extra money. Already working every weekend plus in order to afford a 2 bedroom apartment for my son and I, student loans, and a small amount of savings, etc.

Faye says:

I would love to start a side hustle to earn a bit of extra money, but have litle to no idea what to do.

I work as a journalist. The hours are long, often 50-65 hours a week, when I’m salaried and they are unpredictable. If there’s a major snowstorm on a Saturday, I’m working. A deadly accident at midnight? It quickly turns into a 18-hour long day.

I’m trying to figure out a side job I can do on my own schedule or one night a week (max) that I can set aside.

Adam Porter says:

1. I want to start bringing in money via a blog or product I’d create.

2. I’ve got a site that I’ve wanted to turn into a blog or selling platform, for the longest time. I simply haven’t found a topic that I’m both A) knowledgeable about, and B) enjoy creating/writing about. I just haven’t found any subject matter that I’m passionate enough about. Combine that with my full-time job with an 80 minute round-trip driving commute and a 5-day per week gym program I’ve just begun. The little time I have left has been used to relax from the exhaustion.

Mark Ross says:

I’m a college student that wants to earn extra money through blogging. I haven’t accomplished my blogging goals yet, but I’m still trying to do my best to accomplish them.

Moody says:

I’ve decided to work more overtime that is being offered. Stay away from shopping for clothes and shoes unless it’s very necessary and I took on a weekend job and my 90 days are up so I’m going to ask for a raise. I would love other ways of making extra cash any suggestions?

Biz says:

What keeps me from having a side hustle is the lack of time, and little availability of support, I.e. family and lack of friends for safe quality care of children.

Micro says:

Unless something changes on my blog in the next year, I probably won’t be bringing much money. Which is fine for me since it’s not a priority, my graduate classes are. Once I finish, that will definitely change. For this coming year though, I’m looking to make some cash on the side by selling somethings I no longer use and continue to churn credit cards. It won’t net me a ton of money but it lets me earn a little bit on the side for very little extra effort.

What I’m doing:
I’m starting a dog leash company for side income!

Why I haven’t done it yet:
I currently have a full time day job and doing a masters in the evenings. I’m trying to get this launched and turn it into a successful business, but I don’t have any experience with online sales or product sales in general. It is a slow learning process when time is limited. I’m keeping a blog at that documents my strategies and lessons learned as I try to find success.

Andy says:

Hi! I have actually been inspired by this and other personal finance sites to start my own blog. I am in the planning stages at the moment but I hope to have it launched within the year. What’s holding me back, rather what I am nervous about, is I have no idea what I’m doing. Any advice you have for starting a blog and making it profitable? Really any advice on the financial aspect of blogging would be great! Thanks!

David Weliver says:

Great! The great thing about blogging is that with some basic writing skills and a little bit of technical self-education, anyone can start a blog. Making money with one isn’t as easy as it seems…again you see successes like mine but you don’t see the 100,000+ blogs that die off every single year.

Two quick thoughts: The fastest way to make money with a blog is to use it as a platform from which to sell some service or product that you can offer. To make any substantial amount of money from advertising or affiliates takes traffic, which takes 1 year or more to build. That said, the time put in can reap rewards for years to come.

Two sites run by friends of mine to check out are and Good luck.

Andy says:

Thanks! I’m planning to stick it out for the long haul, even if I never make a dime. I’ve picked a subject I’m passionate about, so if nothing else I’ll have a new hobby!

Jim Wang says:

Thanks for the love David!

Brett Mel says:

1. I work full time for a corporate fitness center, so my goal to make MORE money and start a side hustle is to set up a system of year-round boot camp style fitness classes on my own to bring in additional income and start building my BRAND as a trainer

2. Fear: Fear of failure, of making mistakes, attracting the wrong clients, and ending up like all the other personal trainers I knew back home who barely scraped by from session to session. And paperwork- SO MUCH PAPERWORK

David Weliver says:

Great insights. If there’s one thing that’s kind of cliche advice but as I get older I realize is right on is that you if you’re NOT failing and making mistakes, you’re not going anywhere. You have to fail many times — it’s part of the process. We see successful people around us but we don’t necessarily see all the things they’ve tried that haven’t worked out.

You have a skill that’s in demand in our fitness-obsessed society — the tough part is finding a way to sell your training in a unique high-value way that earns you more than your competition. Once you find it though you have the potential to earn more than the average trainer possibly even by working fewer hours.

Zac Janda says:

The main thing that is preventing me from earning more money with a side gig this year is that I am not really sure how to turn my interests into a way to make money. My main interest would be debating politics and I’m really not sure how to use that interest to gain income. I know that writing is an option but I am also unsure of how one would start writing about things for money.

Brandon C. says:

There is a lot of truth to this topic and so many others you cover on the site, David. I’m 28, and a huge fan of all things personal finance. You’ve got a great side hustle story. I also took advantage of a side hustle for 3 years in my mid 20s. It all started because I was not satisfied with my income. My wife was making good money, and though I had my job with a large well known finance company, my take home pay was not satisfactory to me. Call me cocky you like, but I felt like (even knew) I was worth more than I earned. So, I took up my side hustle as a 7 day a week carrier of the city newspaper, working every morning before my 8-5 day job. I showed up on time every morning, was friendly with the staff, and had next to zero deliveries missed. To my surprise, in just over a month, I was offered a staff warehouse job. I accepted. Everyone thought I was crazy, working 1:30am – 5:30am, then going to my 8-5 job, except my wife. She knew it was all my idea and something I wanted to do to pay down debts. My side hustle allowed us to pay down debts, pay for some large homeowner expenses, and take our European vacation we wanted before starting a family; all things we would have struggled to do without it.

My advice, if you have a side hustle, put the income earned into an account other than your primary account. Doing so allows you to watch that account grow and prevents it from being spent on something that is not part of your goal. It took me a while to realize how important this step is. For example: It’s easy for that extra $400-$600 of income a month to escape your main account on your normal monthly expenses.

Good luck to everyone and keep posting great topics!

Kathy says:

The points you make early on in this article are so true. I always find it frustrating that I really just cannot take part in many of the financial savings tips you provide just because there’s not enough pie to go around, in fact I normally have negative pie each month, and it’s not like we are living extravagantly. We save a little, pay the mortgage, bills, student loans, car, insurance, etc etc, after all the standard stuff we have about $300 flex for anything that might come up that month including eating out, entertainment, clothes etc. The biggest thing that holds me back from getting a second job or starting a side hustle is time. Evaluating my “time pie” there is normally very little time in my day not already allocated. My goal this year is to learn how to multi task better. I already multi-task while working, talking on the phone while also answering emails, so I’m going to try to apply that to my life.
1. Listen to audio-books while I drive/workout
2. Ride my bike to work more often (get workout and commute at the same time)
3. Spend time with my kids while working on crafts, hopefully sell said crafts on etsy (make $ and spend time with family)
4. Reduce the crap in my house by selling it on Varage. (make $$ and clean at the same time)

Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Wish me luck.

GC in Milwaukee says:

Hi David! I am a big proponent of side hustles and frequently scan Craigslist gigs for side hustle opportunities. I regularly babysit for a family with four children ($15+/hr) and have worked with a Jewish event planner in the past setting up bar/bat mitzvahs (~$10/hr). I’m also working with a young, freelance videography company and taking in 15% commission for any opportunity I bring them that results in business. All have been really great experiences that I could also turn into full time opportunities if I ever lose my day job. Because I’m young, single and childless, it is a good way to occupy my time, plus gain some additional skills, and I’m only putting in a couple extra hours a week.

Kara says:

1.One thing you want to do this year to earn more money: building up my Etsy and Fiverr side businesses, while using Codecademy (or another resource) to learn more about coding so that I can transition into positions that would require or benefit from that skill set. Eventually, I’d like to pursue a Masters degree to increase my earning potential, but I’m not sure in what. Don’t know where to start.
2.Why you haven’t done it yet. What’s holding you back? Are you taking steps towards earning more right now, or are you waiting for some reason?: I have a young child, and caring for him does take up a good deal of time… especially when you add in all the household chores that need doing. However, when he goes to bed at 7, I often find myself plopping on the couch when I could be investing time in pursuing my goals.

Melissa says:

I love this because it’s so true. We will have an excuse for days as to why we can’t do something and never as to why we can!!

Ashley says:

I would like to get a retail job for the weekends and nights. What’s holding me back is my fear of rejection and care for my daughter but if I want it bad enough I will find a way.

Emily says:

Yes! I already work full time (typically over 40 hours a week and it’s salaried so no chance of working more hours for more $) and I have a toddler. By the end of the day I don’t have much energy or time left.

I think I might have to take vacation to do it but in order to earn more I’ve thought of opening an etsy shop or simply consigning clothes/items that I don’t wear or use anymore. While I’ve thought about tutoring or babysitting, I’m really not sure how to market myself and/or if it’s a feasible option as far as time goes.

Brandon says:

Hi, I’m a full time student with a full time job. I only have a few hundred dollars each month to pay bills and survive on. Recently, I’ve agreed to vacuum my neighbor’s house to earn a few extra dollars. With limited time, what are other options for extra income? P. S. I’m managing to ace all of my classes.

Alex says:

I would recommend tutoring. It’s an hour job that pays well if you find the right parents. It’s also extremely rewarding.

Adam H. says:

I agree with Alex. This is what I do for extra income, and it has worked out great!

I valued my time at about $20 an hour, but then I put myself out there for $45 an hour on this website just to test the waters. Soon, I was at capacity! They take a cut of the pay, but they take care of 90% of the logistics and job finding for you. You can try it out, and if you like it, go independent afterwards.

David Weliver says:

Tutoring is a great option as pointed out. Next week I’m going to have a list of side hustle ideas, many of which may fit the bill: Tutoring, child care, pet sitting, odd jobs (landscaping/snow shoveling, light painting, cleaning) are good options — as is taking something you’re good at and turning it into a freelance opportunity (we’ll talk about that, too).

Stephanie says:

Since you are putting together a list of side hustles, corresponding links would be great. I know about sites like Task Rabbit, but it would be nice to find out about more.

David Weliver says:

Will do!

John says:

GO Dave good article I hit the like button!