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5 Hidden Credit Card Fees To Watch Out For

Credit card fees on a billing statement. via

Credit cards can provide easy access to loads of funds, but don’t forget they are designed by banks to get you to pay more than what you bargained for.

Barclaycard Ring Credit Card Review


Our Barclaycard Ring credit card review: You want to avoid carrying a balance on credit cards, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. The Ring card offers a low regular APR, no balance transfer fee, and 1 percent cash back on transferred balances to save interest when you can’t pay off your credit card in full.

Q&A: How Do I Build Credit Fast?

How do you build credit fast?

Building good credit takes time: the longer you use credit well, the higher your credit score will climb. That said, there are some tricks you can use to build credit from scratch or improve your credit rating more quickly.

ReadyForZero: A Money App That Helps You Defeat Debt On Your Own

ReadyForZero is an online money app that helps you pay off debt on your own.

The online service helps users out of debt with a free repayment plan and — for a monthly fee — can help you automate payments so you don’t slip up.

Are Rewards Credit Cards Bad For Your Credit Score? The Truth May Surprise You

Are rewards credit cards too good to be true? What you need to know before applying.

I’ve have started thinking about using a rewards card but I’m concerned about how opening a new card will affect my credit. Is this a legitimate concern?

Yes, There’s A Loan For That: New Options For Getting Unsecured Personal Loans Online

New options for unsecured personal loans for just about anything: Motorcycles, weddings, vacations, even a horse.

Where do you get a loan for a motorcycle? A wedding? A vacation? A horse? New options in online personal loans offer financing for almost anything, with far better rates than traditional credit cards.

The Best Travel Credit Cards That Reward Everyday Purchases

The best no annual fee miles credit cards for earning free travel with everyday spending.

How can you earn a free vacation with credit card points if you don’t fly a lot? Here are 5 cards that pay big rewards on all of your everyday purchases.

What To Do When You Get Medical Bills You Can’t Afford

How to handle medical bills you can't afford.

In the United States, the treatment costs of a single illness, accident or pregnancy can easily reach five figures. Even with insurance, that can leave you with an eye-popping balance due. Here, straightforward strategies to handle medical bills you can’t afford.

Which U.S. States are Most Responsible with Credit? The Most (and Least) Credit-savvy States in the Nation

Colored States

Does where you live influence how well you use credit? It may. This map of the United States ranks each state on average credit card debt, average credit score and the number of bankruptcy filings per capita. How credit-savvy is your state?

Depressed About Debt? Expert Advice on How to Overcome Financial Anxiety (And Get Rid of Your Debt)

Tips for dealing with depression and anxiety caused by debt.

Depressed about your debt? Financial stress over big debts can cause anxiety and depression, raise blood pressure, or lead to insomnia or substance abuse. Here are one mental health expert’s tips for coping.