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Pay Off Your Student Loans By Doing Good In The World

How doing good in the world can help you pay down your student loan debt.

Doing good in the world hardly ever pays you big bucks. Fortunately, there are a growing number of options that can help you pay down your student loan debt if you volunteer or work full-time in a government or non-profit job.

For Private Student Loans, Consider Credit Unions

Private student loans should be a last resort, but credit unions can offer the best options for those in need.

As nonprofit lenders, many credit unions offer private student loans with friendlier rates and terms than national banks.

How To Build Credit For The First Time

How to build your credit for the first time - Money Under 30

Wondering how to build credit from scratch (or worried because you haven’t started yet)? Here is what you need to know to build credit for the first time.

5 Hidden Credit Card Fees To Watch Out For

Credit card fees on a billing statement. via

Credit cards can provide easy access to loads of funds, but don’t forget they are designed by banks to get you to pay more than what you bargained for.

Barclaycard Ring Credit Card Review


Our Barclaycard Ring credit card review: You want to avoid carrying a balance on credit cards, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. The Ring card offers a low regular APR, no balance transfer fee, and 1 percent cash back on transferred balances to save interest when you can’t pay off your credit card in full.

Q&A: How Do I Build Credit Fast?

How do you build credit fast?

Building good credit takes time: the longer you use credit well, the higher your credit score will climb. That said, there are some tricks you can use to build credit from scratch or improve your credit rating more quickly.

This Is What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Student Loans (And Yes: It’s Very, Very Bad)

What happens when you don't pay your student loans?

Having trouble keeping up with student loan payments? Do NOT stick your head in the sand! The consequences for defaulting on student loans are more severe than you even imagine.

Common Mistakes That Make Student Loans Hard To Handle

Student loan mistakes that make repaying harder than it has to be.

It’s easy to finger colleges’ runaway tuition costs for America’s student debt crisis, but borrowers aren’t always blameless. Four mistakes students make with student loans that can make paying for school unnecessarily more costly.

Quick Look: Student Loan Rates Went Up This Week

Student loan interest rates went up on July 1, 2014.

Interest rates ticked 0.8 percent higher on all federal student loans as of July 1, 2014. Why now’s the time to check your payments and make a payoff plan.

ReadyForZero: A Money App That Helps You Defeat Debt On Your Own

ReadyForZero is an online money app that helps you pay off debt on your own.

The online service helps users out of debt with a free repayment plan and — for a monthly fee — can help you automate payments so you don’t slip up.