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The Best Personal Finance Apps

There are thousands of personal finance apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. So many, in fact, that choosing the few that will make a difference in your life is no easy task. Here are 10 we consider among the best personal fi … [Read more...]

Earn A Bonus Of Up To $500 When You Open A Capital One 360 Savings Account

What’s the most important thing you can do today for your financial health? Set up a system to pay yourself first using automatic transfers into a savings account that’s separate from your primary checking account. I’ve been saving this way sinc … [Read more...]

How To Do Work You Love Without Taking An Oath Of Poverty

Is there some kind of work, career or business that you would love to do or be in, but you’re afraid to pursue it because it would mean an immediate drop in income? That’s probably the single biggest reason why more people don’t pursue their passi … [Read more...]

The One-page Financial Plan (And The Best Money Advice You’ll Get All Year)

Carl Richards/ Do you have five minutes? If so, here’s an exercise for you. All you need is a blank piece of paper and a Sharpie. At the top of the page, write down your net worth – how much money you have now minus any debt y … [Read more...]

Check Out The Jaw-dropping Price Tags On These Luxury Versions Of Everyday Items

Have more money than you know what to do with? Problem solved: These luxury versions of everyday items are insanely expensive. Or you could, you know, take that money and invest it instead. I'll let you guess what we think you should do. 1. The … [Read more...]

10 Pro Athletes Who Earned Millions…Then Lost It All

Famous athletes going broke has become cliché for good reason. Seventy-eight percent of NFL players file bankruptcy or are in other financial trouble within two years of retirement, according to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article. A representative o … [Read more...]

Forget Buy Low, Sell High: This Simple Investing Strategy Yields Even Better Results

Ask any psychologist and they’ll tell you: human beings are irrational. Love, fear, greed, and a plethora of other emotions prompt even the most levelheaded of us to make decisions that are often against our best interests. Throw in a little f … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways You Can Be More Money-savvy Than Most Americans

Do you think you're more money-savvy than the average American? If you'd like to be, there's good news: It's not that difficult. From wagering hundreds of millions on the Super Bowl to keeping their finances on cocktail napkins, the most Americans … [Read more...]

If You’re Growing A Business, You Need 3 Different Price Points; Here’s Why

One of the keys to building wealth is to have money coming in from different places. Simply put, it’s not enough to just rely on one source of income anymore. You also need to make sure that you have different price points in your business and th … [Read more...]

How I Save

This post is part of the TaxACT How I Save blog tour which teaches you ways to keep more money in your pocket. Last year, TaxACT saved America over $240 million on tax preparation. How much can you save? To learn more about tips and strategies on … [Read more...]