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Financing contingency: everything homebuyers need to know

A financing contingency is a clause in a home offer that lets the buyer back out without penalty if they can’t finalize their mortgage in time. Financing contingencies can be a headache for sellers, which is why many prefer to just sell to cash buyers who don’t need financing.

Carvana: Is it worth it? Or is there a catch?

Through Carvana, you can purchase a high-quality, pre-owned car for a competitive price and have it delivered right to your door. But in 2022, the company’s shady philanthropy practices and uncertain future might be a turnoff.

Can you rent a car with a debit card?

Yes, technically you can rent a car with a debit card. But rental car agencies will only accept debit cards under strict conditions (e.g., credit checks, deposits of $500+, etc.), so it’s always better to use a credit card.

How to file your taxes in 6 easy steps

Your tax return is due April 15, 2024 unless you get an extension. There’s time, but you’ll want to get a head start by gathering up your income sources, savings and dividends, business expenses, and HSA reimbursements. You can then file yourself by using IRS Free File or tax filing software, or get some help with a tax professional.

Bear vs. bull market: What’s the difference and which are we in now?

A bear market is a colloquial term for when prices are trending downwards and/or investors are feeling pessimistic. By contrast, a bull market is defined by optimism and rising prices. You can capitalize on our current bear market by getting certain securities “on sale,” but don’t feel FOMO — sticking with core investing principles is always the best option.

Are Amex cards worth it?

American Express cards have high credit requirements, annual fees, and aren’t universally accepted – but are the amazing perks worth the drawbacks?

7 reasons why you should have car insurance

Whether you’re doubting your insurance policy or are simply curious as to why it’s necessary, it’s helpful to know what you’re paying for. Aside from being mandated in most states, car insurance is a good investment because it protects you and your net worth.