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How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

There’s really no “perfect” amount of money to spend on an engagement or wedding ring. Instead, align with your partner on expectations, either directly or indirectly (through their friends, Pinterest board or social media), focus on a ring with meaning rather than a particular price tag, and make sure you understand your budget and means before you go shopping.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. ‘Real’ Diamonds: Which Should You Buy?

Lab-grown diamonds are far less expensive than their mined antecedents, and they’re a great option for those who want a heart-stopping piece of jewelry without a heart-stopping price tag. But mined diamonds may still be attractive to traditionalists who prefer natural gemstones, and who have fewer financial concerns.

The True Cost of Adoption

The overall cost of adoption is high, but some forms of adoption are definitely more affordable than others. Read on to learn more.

The Real Cost Of Having A Baby

The cost of having a baby may be higher than you realize. We break down all the costs, and offer a few tips to lower them.

When it’s ok to spend money

Live within your means, yes. Save for the future, yes. But never forget how to enjoy spending some of your money on the things you love.

When is the best time to book a flight?

Contrary to long-standing travel myths, there’s no magical day of the week or time for booking a flight. What is true, however, is that there’s an ideal window of one to four months before your departure when flights are likely to be cheaper.

When Is An All-Inclusive Vacation Cheaper?

An all-inclusive vacation means less of a headache on your part, but you’ll pay for the convenience. However, if you know where to look and when to go, even the most frugal of travelers can find a good deal.