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Retailers With The Best And Worst Return Policies

If you’ve ever experienced buyer’s regret, you know the importance of good return policies. Here are stores that make getting your money back a breeze, plus some that make it a little more difficult.

Is Identity Theft Insurance Worth It?

Identity theft can wreck your finances and take months to recover from. ID theft insurance promises to protect you — or at least help you bounce back quicker. But only some ID theft insurance policies are worth the cost, and certain personality types can probably DIY their way around this added expense.

How to stop eating out so much

Eating out is always easier than cooking your own meal. It’s also way more expensive. Here’s how to break your habit of eating out.

How to avoid foreign transaction fees wherever you go

Foreign transaction fees are fees charged by banks and credit card issuers for international purchases. They’re usually equal to about 3% of each purchase. Foreign transaction fees can be avoided by using no-fee credit cards and debit cards, paying with local currency, and staying away from international ATMs.

How to choose a travel rewards program

You can earn free airfare or hotel nights with loyalty programs, even if you only travel a couple times a year. Which travel rewards program is best for you depends on your needs and preferences.

How to cut your grocery bill by 90%: Is it possible?

Wondering how to save money on groceries? There are several ways you can slash your grocery bill by up to 90% — whether it’s by shopping at discount stores, planning your meals around sales, using coupons, or buying in bulk.