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Why you should (almost) always pay yourself first

When you pay yourself first, you set aside money each payday and dedicate that money to reaching your financial goals — like saving for retirement. This approach prioritizes your long-term financial health from the get-go and minimizes the chances that you’ll waste money on impulse purchases later.

Buyer’s remorse law: When can you use it to your advantage?

We all rush into purchases we later regret. Fortunately, certain legal protections, like the FTC’s Cooling-Off Rule or individual states’ lemon laws, allow you to void a recent purchase or service contract in qualifying circumstances. But your legal right to act on buyer’s remorse is heavily dependent on where you made your purchase and why you regret it.

How To Choose A Used Car

Buying used can get you a great car for significantly less money. But they come with significant risks as well. How to choose a used car—without getting taken for a ride.