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Want a Future Without Debt and with Plenty of Sunny Beach Vacations? Do THIS Every Three Months

Every year around the end of December, we get inundated with media and advice about New Year’s resolutions. And many of us do set goals around the New Year as we aspire to do everything from eat better and lose weight to earn more money or finally s … [Read more...]

401k Asset Allocation: Two Methods for Headache-Free Diversification

Want to do one thing to ensure the money you’re saving today in your 401k or IRA will be around tomorrow? Diversify. Too many Americans have watched their retirement dreams disappear because they invested solely in the company stock of their e … [Read more...]

Where To Invest: 401k, IRA Or Both?

Decoding retirement savings is as thrilling as an all-day cram session for a standardized test. I get that. But just like that grad school exam, your future depends on it. A few weeks ago, I sent my focus group a quick survey on 401k plans. I … [Read more...]

Are Your Investments Tax Efficient? 3 Things to Check

In the investing world, tax efficiency refers to how well your investment portfolio takes advantage of legal ways to avoid or defer paying taxes on your returns. Tax-efficient investing sounds intimidating, but the basics are easier than you might … [Read more...]

What Should you do with a Windfall?

We all dream of the day when we're gifted with a winning lottery ticket or an inheritance; a dream that we spend an inordinate amount of time during our working lives thinking about. But if you got it, what should you do with a windfall? We … [Read more...]

How to Trade Stocks for the First Time

So you've decided to take financial matters into your own hands and open a brokerage account and you want to know how to trade stocks for the first time. Entering the world of stock trading a big decision and one you shouldn't make unless you've … [Read more...]

What are Leveraged ETFs?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a popular investment vehicle for experienced and beginning investors alike. ETFs appeal to people looking for diversification, who want the ability to trade them like stocks but also want at least some level of … [Read more...]

With Mutual Funds, you may not be as Diversified as you Think

Out of all the investment products out there, the one you have probably heard most about is the mutual fund. Ironically, you may still not know quite what to buy. You're not alone – there are more than 14,000 different mutual funds available. It's … [Read more...]

How to Tell the Good Mutual Funds from the Bad: Four Must-know Performance Metrics

There are few things more exciting than buying a new car. If you're anything like me, you do a lot of research beforehand. You read reviews of the handling, towing capacity, horsepower and resale value – basically whatever statistics you place value o … [Read more...]

The ABCs of Mutual Fund Share Classes

The investment industry has tens of thousands of possible vehicles for parking your cash: ETF's, stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies and more. With so many choices out there, it's hard to find the right one that fits your needs. You may … [Read more...]