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I Bonds: What are they and how can you invest to earn a 7% return?

U.S. Treasury Series I Savings Bonds, or I Bonds for short, are federally backed bonds specifically designed to help Americans protect their cash from inflation. Both inflation and I Bond interest rates are around 7% right now, meaning if you have money just sitting around, buying I Bonds with it may be your best hedge against inflation.

How To Give Investments As A Gift

Giving investments as a gift is a great way to ensure that someone gets a valuable gift that could increase in value as time passes. Here’s how.

How to diversify your investment portfolio

By learning the risks, creating an asset allocation, investing in index funds and foreign markets, and using multiple accounts, you’ll diversify your portfolio for a more stable financial future.

How to Buy Gold: A Guide for Beginners

The three primary ways to invest in gold are to buy physical gold bullion, gold futures, or gold stocks and ETFs. While gold can be a hedge against inflation, keep in mind that it doesn’t generate interest, and timing the market can be difficult.

How to build a CD ladder

CD ladders allow you to benefit from the higher interest rates associated with longer-term investments, and they provide you with steady access to your money. Here are a few more reasons to consider this strategy.

How Much Should You Contribute To Your 401(k)?

A 401(k) is an important tool for maximizing your retirement savings. But it’s not the only one. We break down how much you should contribute to your 401(k), how much should go to other vehicles like IRAs, and how to balance retirement savings with other priorities like paying down debt.